Week 7: The Matrix (1999)
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Matrix movie was a very interesting movie considering the time it was released. A lot of the cinematic thriller motion pictures had never used that kind of technology in their production. The use of computer generated images and motion picture contributed towards the movie to be captivating and packed with impressive action scenes. The storyline of the movie had some resemblance to modern day reality of life. 
Week 8: Robot and Frank (2012)

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C:\Users\user\Downloads\whatsapp\WhatsApp Image 2021-03-19 at 10.11.36 (1).jpeg C:\Users\user\Downloads\whatsapp\WhatsApp Image 2021-03-19 at 10.11.35 (1).jpegIn the Robot and Frank movie the relationship that human beings have with technology is a clear example of how we have come to rely on technology in our daily lives. The movie shows how people previously had a reserved perception about using artificial intelligence. As time passed people become used to using modern technologies and they appreciate the benefits.

Week 9: Ready Player One (2018)

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 he movie is very nice in showing how the gaming companies have taken the opportunity to control very many people through their gaming products. The movie shows the importance of balancing the use of technology and normal life activities. Through the movie we can learn and understand the importance of genuine friendship and relationships.
Week 10:  Alita: Battle Angel (2019)
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The film is very important in showing the will capacity that is required to overcome an oppressive governing system. In the movie the factor of maintain true, honest and loyal relationships is very important. Also through the movie we can learn the importance of standing up for your rights against people who try to undermine others.
I selected these movies because of the aspect of science fiction and technology. Through the movies I saw the capabilities of how technology can be used to either help or destroy human civilization. Another important feature is that advances in technology assist in the achievement of greater statuses in life. In my future perception I would like to see and focus on more films that use advanced and fictional technologies in their productions. Through such films one can boost his or her own conscious thought and broaden the perception of how life is and how it could be with advance technologies. 

BCM325 peer reflection


Comment (Isabelle)

Hi Isabelle,

Your two part video thus far explains the concepts very clearly and the ideas you’re exploring very clearly. AI is one technology that has been around for sometime and just keeps getting bigger and better. It is literally everywhere and thrown in our faces at times with search engines storing the information we’ve recently searched and suggesting ads or services related to our search histories. The role of AI in dating and matchmaking apps is also growing at the speed of a bullet train lately, especially during Covid-19 (Yang, 2020) so perhaps you may want to discuss the benefits of AI dating/matchmaking apps in this context as well as the impact it has on relationship development, personal well-being as well as its overall possible long-term impacts on the society. However, I am not quite sure how you will compare the concepts to Blade Runner because while that is based on a dystopian world, it does not quite touch upon the topic of dating/matchmaking specifically, perhaps only on AI technology, therefore my suggestion is to tread cautiously so as not to lose focus of your main subject. 

Good luck with putting it all together – looks good so far!


Reflection (Isabelle)

Isabelle mostly has a very clear concept and direction in which she is headed and of course, her topic selection is very relevant and paramount in the modern world. I personally feel with handy smartphones in almost every adult’s hands and busy lives, it is easier to swipe left and right to match with someone who has shared interests. However, what I do not feel comfortable with is the fact that AI stores our personal information such as our likes and dislikes to the minutest of things, for example our favourite food or hang out spot and will suggest potential dates based on a high percentage of similarity. I feel it is best to have some control on our lives without becoming over-reliant on technology to handle every aspect of our lives. Relationships should be based on mutual feeling of likeness and respect to begin with instead of AI telling us to develop these once the right match is found. This way we will continue to learn to be understanding, compassionate and empathetic among other things. I also feel the ethical concerns regarding AI dating/matchmaking are often overlooked or neglected and the boundaries are pushed further and further – come to think of it, we now have robotic sex dolls (Elder, 2020). So, I feel it is high time we stop and just question ourselves about how far we are willing to go and what kind of society we are shaping up for the next generations to come? 

2) https://jeffery99.wordpress.com/2021/02/27/bcm325-da-beta/ 

Comment (Jeffery)

Hi Jeffery,

This is a great topic – totally relevant to many of us. Even though I like to try things on to see how they look and fit on me before I buy, I am very excited to give this new technology a try and save time tiring myself in the malls. However, I feel you’ve focused on the positive aspects a bit too much for example, about visual reality and how we would be able to see ourselves virtually dressed up in clothing items or even the 3D images of various products. My concern is whether small and medium sized enterprises will be able to afford this expensive technology and if not, whether it will put these businesses at risk of shutting down. I am also concerned if the whole idea of physical shopping will be replaced in a few years time because for many this is therapeutic and allows people to take a break from their busy and at times, mundane routines. So my suggestion is to sort of discuss the cons as well (perhaps briefly only) to show that you’re being critical about this new technology instead of promoting it only. Here’s an article that may be useful when considering the flip side of this technology: https://www.nibusinessinfo.co.uk/content/risks-and-limitations-artificial-intelligence-business 

Looking forward to your final work – this all makes it seem that there’s only exciting times ahead. 

Reflection (Jeffery) 

Jeffery’s topic was really interesting and introduced new concepts to me especially about the incorporation of visual reality and AI. I can only imagine the benefits this technology is going to bring to our lives however, I feel there should be a balanced approach and perhaps Jeffery has to be a little critical about this new technology and the effects it may have on different enterprises and on individuals’ whole shopping experience. I would of course be interested to see how many people will totally switch to online shopping and what kind of items will people prefer to shop for online. So far, Jeffery is doing a great job with doing a YouTube series and giving specific examples – it appears he is very confident and knowledgeable about this topic but discussing the drawbacks may help him develop a more critical approach. 

3) https://itsmikikwy.wordpress.com/2021/02/28/bcm-325-da-beta-presentation/ 

Comment (Miki)

Hi Miki, 

Your work is very unique. I remember watching 1984 and thinking what a fake world they’re portraying but with the passage of time it’s a day closer to that becoming our reality especially with Big brother monitoring us always via the AI technology and the global surveillance system after our every move. 

While it is a good idea to have multiple texts support your standpoint, I feel going over literary texts is very time consuming so well done on putting in that time to understand the portrayal of the dystopian world both through movies and texts. I would also like to suggest you have a look at Blade Runner as that is based on a similar concept of a dystopian world. It would be nice to compare the similarities in the different genres. I would further like to recommend that you find/include interviews by the authors/directors and see what compelled them to view in such manner especially because the texts you’re referring to were written/published at a time when the world was very different e.g. The Internet, smartphones and AI were not very popular. There was also a very interesting article published by SCMP last week about how President Xi Jinping was against the Internet earlier but has changed his stance. It may be helpful to you to understand why leaders are in full support of the new technology and the direction we are headed in but not so much the general public. Here is the link to it (Xin et al., 2021): https://www.scmp.com/tech/policy/article/3124107/rising-confidence-xi-jinping-wields-internet-tool-empowerment-and 
I am also curious in knowing what you think can be done to slow down or alter the course of events in this context?

Reflection (Miki)

Miki’s topic is a reflection of the grim and draconian world our leaders are creating for us in the name of safety and advancement in technology. While most of us do not see the long-term drawbacks currently, it will hugely impact our lives and personal well-being. I think it is very important to question and hold our leaders accountable for the decisions they make for us as well as be critical of the latest developments. Yes, I understand, we may not have much control over what happens but we need to voice our opinion and ask the hard questions before it is too late. 

I feel Miki has chosen this topic in light of all the surveillance and public mistrust there is in government systems around the world, reminding us that it’s really time to reflect on the ethical issues this raises. 


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