BCM222 Global Media and Social Justice

BCM222: Newspaper Industry

In the early 19th century, printing presses, steam railroads, electric telegraph and machine-made paper were the new technology at that time, these machines were about to print evenly over large surfaces; the speed were sufficient to print thousands of sheets that was meant for newspaper. Therefore fore, more news was published in a high circulation number. These methods gave people in the 19th century a better connection, cheaper andContinue reading “BCM222: Newspaper Industry”

BCM222: Warfare

A president Abraham Lincoln’s, the newspaper published Lincoln’s speech as a president. During the war, Lincoln was known to be the first president to install a telegraph in the War Department office right next to the White House. He took this as an advantage to win the civil war by sending hundreds of messages of telegraphs to his military troops, commanders. Many stated that Lincoln would sleep in the telegraph office duringContinue reading “BCM222: Warfare”

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