BCM212 Understanding Research


What problems do students’ face while working part-time and studying?  Theres no doubt students face difficulties when they are working and studying at the same time. But the question here is what kind of difficulties do they face? And what kind of sacrifices do they make?  Since I have been working full-time for over 5 years now andContinue reading “BCM212”

BCM212 Opinion Piece

A brief opinion piece This part of the portfolio is an opinion on the study and the findings. My study looked into the challenges that working students face and how working as a student impacts education performance. The findings that the study generated are included as a summary in section two of the portfolio. AContinue reading “BCM212 Opinion Piece”

BCM212 Reflection

            This portfolio assessment was a great learning experience about the research process as well as student life. This is one of the complete studies that I have conducted going through all the steps of the scientific research process. I identified a research gap and went through all the steps involved in the research processContinue reading “BCM212 Reflection”

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