BCM206 Future NetWork

BCM206: Information Flow

Information flow is an important aspect in media and communication.  information flow controls the time and distance of the information. Nowadays, the media and communication are so fast that the information is transmitted from here to there in just seconds. In old times, there were no phones and computers, my grandparents shared with me that they wouldContinue reading “BCM206: Information Flow”

BCM206: Cyberspace

Cyberspace, full of inventions and discoveries, needs to be used in a proper way. A global information network real time coordination and control. There are two types of portal, one is one-way and the other is two-way. The difference between one-way and two-way is one-way portal is the televisions. The televisions transmitting message to itsContinue reading “BCM206: Cyberspace”

BCM206 Project Pitch

Slogan: Everything old can be new again! My project pitch is about Recycled Clothes. Background Fast fashion is an emerging trend fuelled by a multitude of fashion magazines that create a yearning for new “must-haves” each season, mainly aimed at young women. Because disposable couture is widely available and cheap, the purchases are tempting toContinue reading “BCM206 Project Pitch”

BCM206 The Long Tail

The Long Tail The 20th century heavy relies on data basics such as Google, Netflix and Amazon. The economic culture has changed drastically. Numbers plays a huge role in the power laws. It is a notion of a small number things had a large impact; low frequency is high amplitude of events, thus power of Distibution.   Legacy media, the hit-driven model whichContinue reading “BCM206 The Long Tail”

BCM206 The Cathedral and The Bazaar

To understand the Cathedral and The Bazaar, it is important to understand the meaning of both in managing a hacking project.   Cathedral is an approach of controlled, it is a top down controlled approach. This method requires few developers to handled everything in house and occasionally release finished product when kinks worked out. Bazaar is a wide and open range with multiple releases handled in a quick chain, mainlyContinue reading “BCM206 The Cathedral and The Bazaar”

BCM206 Collective Intelligence (Arab Spring)

Collective intelligence uses technology to share and gather data for people to work together. This increases the diversity of opinion of the people involved and we listen to. This enhances the collective intelligences of the group, more often diverse group outperformance group of like-minded experts. Also, it enables people to contribute their perspective and idea freely and independently however it could still be dominated byContinue reading “BCM206 Collective Intelligence (Arab Spring)”

BCM206 SwitchIt852 Beta Assessment

Switchit852  Website (https://switchit852.wixsite.com/switchit852/forum)  How does our website work?   Member registration,  Login/sign up   choose Google account or Facebook account  For message,  Apply for an account or Use email address   Forum   Chat box icon    For unwanted clothes,  Apply for an account or Use email address   Forum   Create new post  The website is for a planform for peopleContinue reading “BCM206 SwitchIt852 Beta Assessment”

BCM206 Anonymous Group

Anonymous Group has been called infamous, dangerous and disruptive. They are an interesting phenomenon; they are a concentrated group as anybody can join no criteria is needed and no representation from central or singular group. It is an internet activism but anonymous. No one knows how broad this group is or how many staff operates it. Their powerful symbols are the peculiar mask their membersContinue reading “BCM206 Anonymous Group”

BCM206 CyberWar

In the hacking subculture. There is an anarchic mode of operation, with no centralize voice, identity or oversight has there is a global participation. Information wants to be free as it is a knowledge is the primary value therefore sharing and reciprocity is a social capital. A cyber-attack is an act of using more than one computer to go against the networks or computers, this disables theContinue reading “BCM206 CyberWar”

BCM206 Internet Of Things

We can control anything that is connected to the internet. With the advance of technology today, everything can be accessed and controlled by the Internet and I actually mean it. The term ‘internet of things’, also known as IoT, means “physical objects connecting to the Internet” (Mitew 2017). Sensors plays a huge role in the digital era as without sensor semantic interfaceContinue reading “BCM206 Internet Of Things”

BCM206 D.A

The main concept of our project is to protect the environment, small contribution matters as it causes an environment and societal. Fast Fashion had caused environmental concerns because clothes became cheaper; prices had fallen so does their quality which led to an acceleration of fashion trends. People are keener to buy more clothes to keep up with the trends but less keen in taking care of them; dispose themContinue reading “BCM206 D.A”

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