Contextual Report on the Mode Changer

Observation In the research process, my observation has been that the ‘Mode Changer’ would be a very important addition to any home. This is because it gives a different texture and appearance to a home or house. Many interior designs of a lot of houses are either decorated with one color or two at most.Continue reading “Contextual Report on the Mode Changer”

BCM215: Technological Forecasting of Online Gaming (Blog Post 3)

Technological Forecasting of Online Gaming Gaming media has been in existence for many years since the adoption of simple games to digital games by gaming corporations. A lot of the big steps that gaming organizations have achieved in making can directly be attributed to increased development in digital technologies, communication and internet connectivity. It isContinue reading “BCM215: Technological Forecasting of Online Gaming (Blog Post 3)”

BCM215: Online Gaming (Blog Post 2)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Gaming Online gaming has been one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It has been attributed to targeting grown-up adults, young people, and children in different circumstances. They offer great attractive activities that become enticing for many people to want to interact with. Pokémon Go has been one ofContinue reading “BCM215: Online Gaming (Blog Post 2)”

BCM215: The Influence of Pokémon Go (Blog Post 1)

Pokémon Go was launched in 2016 and over the years it has accumulated a lot of following through social media platforms like Facebook, twitters, and Instagram. The post profound action that Pokémon Go has effected is the fact that it has over 1 billion in-game downloads across the world. A lot of downloads that haveContinue reading “BCM215: The Influence of Pokémon Go (Blog Post 1)”


Thesis Statement: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next form of revolutionary intelligence and understanding it is the best future path. Introduction Since the late 20th Century and coming into the 21sr Century artificial intelligence has greatly taken a lot of interest in many sectors. The applications that come with the incorporation of artificial intelligence areContinue reading “BCM325: THE FUTURE EFFECTS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI)”

BCM313 Interview Reflection

Presentation Link:!509&cid=299f207f-53c3-4e02-907f-b9d8623ba4fe&ithint=file%2cpptx&wdOrigin=OFFICECOM-WEB.START.MRU It has actually been a while since I last did an interview with someone. Although I knew the steps of doing the interview which are basically choosing the right questions and most importantly, the right person for the interview who will bring value and enhance the knowledge on any given topic .Continue reading “BCM313 Interview Reflection”

BCM214: Self-reflection I concentrated on Leo’s approach to the project to develop an understanding of the basics before even getting an insight into how it works. The fact that the project is technology-related already gives him educational knowledge of the current setup in the economy. Developing an understanding of technology and how it can impact positivelyContinue reading “BCM214: Self-reflection”