BCM302 – Peer Review 2

Below are the 2 reviews I did for my classmates: Review 1 (with blog post link attached): The idea for parents to develop shared leadership in regards to how their kids consumer the internet shows the need for a shared responsibility. However, the article does not offer practical steps to approach this issue. Therefore, theContinue reading “BCM302 – Peer Review 2”

BCM302 – Project Beta Blog

Home Care Medical Support Application The Home Care Medical Support Application platform is very beneficial in the implementation and care of medical services to people. The logistics of the application that are involved include the development of a software system that will enable the medical services to be used by the people. Some investments willContinue reading “BCM302 – Project Beta Blog”

BCM300 – HongKonger’s Journey

Introduction The Game of Life designed by Milton Bradley was the prime game inspiration behind the development of the HongKonger’s Journey. The contributions of the game of life board game design were the same layout that was used to build the foundation of the HongKonger’s Journey. The inclusion of features like red and White SquareContinue reading “BCM300 – HongKonger’s Journey”

BCM303 – Reflective Essay

To start off with, it was a great experience to work with my group mates and specially with some real big people like Stephen Wong who is the founder of NewGig. NewGig, which is a non-profitable organization was started up by Stephen Wong in November, 2020 and is organised by group of professionals, corporations andContinue reading “BCM303 – Reflective Essay”

BCM302 – Peer Review 1

Peer Review for Katrina: After reviewing Katrina’s blog I find it very interesting that she is trying to incorporate the Korean and French cultures together through music. Her focus is on looking at how best she can use the music genre of K-pop to influence the cultural understanding between the Korean and French young people.Continue reading “BCM302 – Peer Review 1”

BCM303 – Case Study Proposal

My case study is on focusing of the job position of being a Native English language teacher. My interviewee’s position of assessment of being a Native English language teacher is being offered by Elite Group Education Center. In this case focus study, the idea is to find out the demands and requirements that Elite GroupContinue reading “BCM303 – Case Study Proposal”

BCM312 Ideal Blog

COLLABORATION AND PRODUCTION IN THE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES Case Study Statement: In the creative and arts industry the aspect of collaboration in facilitating wonderful production is a very important element. By understanding the various factors that drive the need for collaboration and production in the creative industry then we can see the value that is created.  PurposeContinue reading “BCM312 Ideal Blog”

Home Care Medical Support Application

In the past 10 to 20 years the medical and pharmaceutical sector has experienced an influx of population demand for better medical services. These services in high demand are doctor consultations, treatment for patients, and availability of medicine. The demand created by the increased population for medical services has led me to create the HomeContinue reading “Home Care Medical Support Application”