BCM303 – Reflection on Expo

To start off with, Im not sure where to exactly start. From preparations to setting it up and finally to delivering it out, it was a roller coaster ride. It was a whole new thing for both the college, the teachers and us students. But nonetheless, it was the best experience I had throughout my BCM course. 
When I first saw the outline that we have to attend an Expo, I wasnt really sure what it will be about and I was not really looking forward for it. However, when we had to come to class for presentations in mid July, that time I got to know more about the Expo. After knowing more about it, and especially getting to know its us who’ll actually be doing everything, more like organising it, I got more excited as it was going to be something very new to me. I was so excited for this day that I wasn’t really able to sleep properly a night before due to the excitement. I was excited to see my classmates and tecahers especially Eugiene and Maria as we didnt get to see anyone throughout this whole year. On the other hand, I was excited to work with my classmates on setting up and to actually make the event go as planned as we had some big people coming over to watch us present about their businesses.
I have learnt a lot from this event and it was a great experience which I’ll probably not forget about it. It looked tough at the starting as we had to do a lot working as a group to work with real people who are actually not ordinary people but like the bosses of some big companies. So it looked tough but I always knew we’ll be able to get it done one day. So presenting our work out was already a big achievement for all of us as it wasnt an easy task. Everyone could learn from one another. However, I was expecting the business owners would stay behind for some time after the expo so that students could have a chat with them. But we couldn’t really get a chance to talk to them so that’s something I wish it could have been better. But also, as they are big people, their time is very precious. Therefore, I do understand they might have some other work to do that’s why they left right after the expo. Im still very thankful for each business owner to take out their time for us and to come and attend our expo. 
To conclude, the expo was fantastic and a great experience. We all loved it as a class. I would like to take this opportunity to specially thank you (Eugiene) for working so hard for us throughout this year. It wouldn’t have been possible with you to organise this expo and to ask such big businesses to work with us students. Also, the commitment you and Maria put in just outstanding. I am very great to have teachers like you both, although I had Maria as my teacher in my associate time. 
Take care and enjoy your summer 🙂

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