BCM302 – Blog 2 – Public Participation through the Development Process

In the development of the home care medical application platform, the participation of the public is very important. This application is designed to offer medical solutions through a digital platform therefore it is very important that the people who are going to benefit from the use of the application be part of the development process. According to Pierre-Richard Agénor and Hinh Dinh (2013), the growth of various industries across the world has been successfully achieved through the increased participation of people in carrying out various activities and functions. From this perspective view for the home care medical application solution to become an effective tool in society, there needs to be an element of public participation in developing the application. The inclusion of public participation in various sectors has generally contributed very much to the increased development of solutions that offer great service in communities and societies. This application is a digitally driven technology platform it requires the participation of people for the solutions over the problems that it intends to tackle to be realized by the people.

According to the Health Policy Project (2014), successful policy development processes that are designed to offer good services in public health are motivated by the involvement of people whom the policies will serve in their implementation process. This same perspective applies to the development and implementation of the home care medical application solution. Elements such as the relevance of the application, the capabilities that are achievable behind the application, and the expected performance are very vital by being analyzed through public participation. The inclusion of public participation in the development of the application will highly assist in the process of gathering and synthesizing information which will be very useful in the development of the application through various stages. The solutions that will be discovered through the process of public participation will work towards identify various solutions that are important in the development of the application.

The feedback that public participation will provide through the development and implementation process of the home care application is very important in fixing any shortcomings that may be experienced as a result of using the application by the people. Since the development and implementation of the application are going to be used by the people the use of policies that will support the growth and usage of the application is very important to be put into consideration (Rohima, Yuliana, Bashir, and Hafiz 2017) (the United States Environmental Protection Agency). The quality of a given service that is destined to offer solutions and positive changes in society has to have an element of public participation. For this application to be helpful and viable to the public it needs to address some of the important concerns that people have over the lack of effective medical distribution and treatment service. To achieve this task successfully it will require the development of the application process to include testing by using people in real-life situations and collecting the feedback information which is going to be used in improving the services that the application will eventually work to offer and improve on.

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