BCM302 – Blog 1 – Iteratively Problem Engagement to Emergent Media

The Homecare medical support application uses digital media technologies to facilitate the inclusion and growth of medical services support. Through the Iterative activities that are laid out in the application are to support the continued understanding of how the application is being used and how it will increase the impact on society. The engagement process that will be required to solve the problem that the application is addressing will involve the creation of a frame network that will focus on the expression of the people, learning about the system, building interactions between people, and assessing the new interpretations discovered (Houghton and Stewart 2017). The idea is to continuously create a system of repeated activities through the use of the application so that the idea behind solving the challenges that are facing medical services to realized accordingly. The process of integration, iteration, innovation, and Implementation that is behind the development of this application is to ensure that society gets to benefit from the use of digital technology in their daily lives.
The development idea behind the iterative problem engagement of the application through digital media is to persistently and gradually challenge the normal ways of distributing medical services which have been seen to continuously be ineffective in regards to population increase and other factors. Through the repeated use of the application by the people the idea can be redefined, empathized, and tested to ensure that the prototype version can sufficiently meet the demands of the population (Lake, Lehman, and Chamberlain 2019). This reflects upon the study of the emergent digital media platforms that would best suit this application and support the response by it to a positive stand. The process of creation and development requires consistent definition and redefinition that will ensure that the application is very much developed to the standards that are required. This is important because it will allow the users to be able to know some of the best ways that they will have in accessing medical services through their smartphone mobile devices or computer machines.
The iterative problem engagement that the application will seek to create in society will be directed towards engagement and design thinking of some of the various solutions that it will be focusing upon. In carrying out a designed solution-based approach, the repeated action that is being undertaken by the usage of the application will work towards promoting improved approaches that will add benefits to the application. The origination and implementation process of the application will involve analysis, design, planning requirements, testing, implementation, and evaluation which will be very substantial in supporting the effectiveness of the application in society (SDLC 2016). Through these elements, the integration of the application and continued usage will very much is supported by continued improvement. It is important to ensure that the various changes that are as a result of continued usage of the application are quickly focused on,
adjusted and the improved version is released or upgraded for the users. One of the important factors that will ensure that iterative engagement is successfully realized is to allow for rapid turnaround of the application process demand on changes by users. The repeated upgrade of the application will allow the iterative engagement process to be very beneficial to the development of the application in the long run.

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