BCM302 – Blog 3: Clearly Defined Social Utilities

The solutions that are being offered by the home care medical application are designed to work on conforming to social practices. The digital artefact user experience framework is placed in such a way that it would offer the best user interface which will support a much better experience. This is very important in helping the various users to be comfortable in using the application model in requesting medical services and receiving medical deliveries. One important factor to note is that the development and acceptance of by society in the use of the application directly relate to the capabilities of the application becoming a very essential utility tool to be used. Some people are very apprehensive when it comes to knowing how a system that would be beneficial for them works (Arrow 1950). Through the various demonstrations of the application through public participation, the people will be able to know and understand the importance of the application in the medical service industry.

Public consumption of certain services is directly related to the perception that the public has over that particular service. The social utilities that are available in any given circumstance work towards supporting the growth of the service or application that is placed on them (Cambon, Djouari, and Beauvois 2006). The social utilities are very important in supporting the growth and development of the home care medical support application platform. A lot of people will conform towards what they understand about in regards to a given service and in this situation the more people understand the importance of the home care medical application service the more they will conform towards using it. In various circumstances, the success of a service is related to the acceptance that the people will have over it. If the service is good and offers desired solutions people will embrace it and support its development and growth(Bernheim 1994). From this perspective approach, it is important to create an application that would be very much accepted by the people because it will favor its support and growth in society. 

Through social utilities, people will conform to what they understand and see to have a positive impact on their lives. The home care medical application is designed to offer a lot of benefits to the development and growth of the delivery of health services to many people who are unable to get medical services quickly. This application is very important in building social interactions between people and medical practitioners. The value that it will create in the social utility factor will be very beneficial towards improving the conformity of the public towards building a positive perception in the delivery of medical services in different capacities.

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