BCM303 – Interview Findings and Analysis


Being a Native English language teacher is one of the most prominent teaching job positions that are very marketable in the current teaching market. In many countries especially in China and Japan, a lot of teachers who can teach good English language are highly sorted after. Since the economies of these Asian nations are increasing their association through trade and other factors with western countries the demand for their citizens to communicate in good English language is very high. Therefore, the research of this paper will be focusing on the factors that are involved in being a good Native English language teacher and what are some of the qualifications that are required for an English teacher to get a job position. 


The key element is to try and understand the kind of Native English teachers are required for an institution. Through an interview with a recruiter, an English teacher will be able to understand and know whether he or she is qualified for the job position. Some of the things that will be highlighted in the research will be what are the key features that a respective teacher needs to have? What are some of the expectations that an institution will be looking for in a prospective candidate? What are the prospective remuneration and working environment will the teachers have once the process has been successful? The idea of this research is basically to understand the process that the recruiters for an organization go through and what are some of the things or information a prospective English teacher may expect or anticipate in an interview.


            To effectively achieve the intended purpose of this project research it is important to have an interview with potential recruiting institutions that are looking for Native English teachers and online sources. I have had interview with Mr Wong Chau Wai, a discipline master and a history teacher at a secondary school. This will give a good in-depth look and feel into how the demand process is and how it goes. They will include postings from https://www.gooverseas.com/teach-abroad/south-korea/greenheart-travel/29222, and https://goldstarteachers.com/ which offer various teaching positions. Also, the research will investigate various articles that touch on English teaching in Asia and other countries such as “5 Asian countries with the highest English proficiency.” written by Staff Writer in 2019 for Human Resource Online, “The Best Countries Where You Should Teach in Asia.” written by Richelle Gamlam in 2018 for Go Overseas and others. I also had interview with Mr Wong Chau Wai, a discipline master and a History teacher at a secondary school. As he is a History subject teacher, I have asked him what he would look into a candidate when hiring a history teacher. From that I could tell what the schools would look for in an English teacher. Nonetheless, from the interview, I have gain a lot of knowledge and the interview has helped me a lot to finish my project. 

Research Overview Analysis

            According to human resource online (Staff Writer 2019) which is an online platform for human resource information, the Philippines, Singapore, India, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, China was ranked to be some of the highest Asian countries that have greater standards of proficiency in the English language. This fact shows how these countries regard the importance of having good proper communication through the English language. The language forms a base language that can be used by these countries to communicate at various levels within themselves and outside. The probability for a native English teacher to be hired in these countries is very high. This is because of the demand that has been created for teachers who have the necessary efficient teaching skills in English as a language to be required in many teaching institutions in Asia. 

            Richelle Gamlam (2018) points out that for teachers who are good in English with minimal experience Asian offers a great deal to work in. Teaching jobs for English teachers are very lucrative. Since Asia does not have native English-speaking people, it seeks those who can effectively teach from other countries to migrate there to teach. This shows that the demand for Native English teachers is very high in Asia which is very beneficial for teachers who can teach good English and are looking for good favorable places to teach and earn.  John Bentley (2021) points out that teaching is a very lucrative profession in Asia. It may not bring in a lot of money in terms of compensation but the rewards and salaries from the institution are impressive. Also, some various benefits and packages are being offered by the various institutions for English teachers that are good. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to seek employment as a Native English-speaking teacher in Asia. 

            There are various avenues that a prospective candidate can use to get employment as an English teacher across the world. Candidates can contact the individual institutions offering the job position or go through agencies that seek out employment opportunities on behalf of the candidates. The options available all have their advantages and disadvantages. Many of the jobs that are being advertised on online platforms from China are focusing a lot on attracting English teachers and if an individual background is on Native English as a speaking language the better (Griffith 2019). The demand in Asian countries has grown so much that the average compensation for an English teacher in Indonesia is ten times the normal wage rate. This has gone to show how lucrative being an English teacher in these countries is. The demand for Asian people to communicate in English has been fueled by the demand and desire to emulate western culture a lot. From this perspective, it is therefore important to do this research by using various recruiting points for English teachers in Asia to be able to understand the kind of demand the pressure of English teachers has been created in Asia. Also, by focusing on some of the benefits that come with being a Native English teacher in Asia will show how this job position is enticing for those who are in it.

Interview Findings

Through communication and research, I found the following information in regard to seeking a teaching job as a Native English teacher.

  1. https://goldstarteachers.com/  on this platform they wanted kindergarten and Primary School Teachers in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan, China. The job position is of full permanent basis where an English teacher will be hired and based in that region for the period indicated. The teacher will be required to carry out the following duties.
  2. Teaching hours that last up to 16 hours every week.
  3. Ensure that learners are engaged and deliver programs that will help learners.
  4. Participate in class schedules from Monday to Friday.
  5. Ensuring that all students participate equally.
  6. Complete every required task timely according to the administrative plans
  7. Attend school activities and participate in school programs.

The compensation package for an English teacher already in China ranges between 3,000$ and 3,400$ per month. For teachers who are not in China the compensation range is between 2,700$ and 3,000$. There are benefits such as vacation packages, career development opportunities, professional development opportunities, accommodation, health insurance, and other impressive offers that have been placed over the job position. The qualification requirements for a prospective candidate are recent photos, cover letters, Degree, TEFL, and relevant certificates. The resume for the candidate should be included in the application.

  • https://www.gooverseas.com/teach-abroad/south-korea/greenheart-travel/29222 in this job position which is being offered by Greenheart Travel seeks to build a community of Native English teachers who will be able to work together to offer teaching classes in South Korea. Through this platform, they indicate that they will offer high salaries for the teachers that will be recruited by them in their platform. They have beneficial packages such as free flights to and from South Korea, accommodation is provided, group orientation and training are provided, and various other benefits are on offer while working as an English teacher in South Korea. There is a required fee of $300 that needs to be deposited before the application process can start for any applicant. In this program according to their information is that the prospective applicants will be offered extensive training about leaving and operating in South Korea and all the requirement of placement to schools and institutions will be done by them.

Research Findings Evaluation

            From my research finding and analysis, I can conclude that being a Native English teacher in Asia is a very lucrative occupation. According to my observation and analysis, the demand for English teachers is very high in very many institutions. This demand has caused the compensation rates for English teachers to be high also the number of packages that these teachers are destined to receive is very attractive. The facts laid out contribute to the fact that if one wishes to be a good English teacher seeking employment in Asia will prove to be a good move on their side. The only concern I have noticed is the part where a recruiting firm would want some money deposited before an application is processed. There is no guarantee that the application will go through or how the one will be reimbursed back if all is not successful. Therefore, I think it is very important for someone seeking to be an English teacher in Asia to seek institutions that will offer a good guarantee in processing their application without any fees attached to it. From my perspective and conclusion, I view that being a Native English teacher is a lucrative career that I would want to get into. 


Bentley, J 2021, Top 5 Countries to Make the Most Money Teaching English Abroad in 2021. Available from: https://www.internationalteflacademy.com/blog/top-5-countries-to-make-the-most-money-teaching-english-overseas [29th June 2021].

Gamlam, R 2018, The Best Countries Where You Should Teach in Asia. Available from: https://www.gooverseas.com/blog/best-countries-for-teaching-english-in-asia [29th June 2021].

Griffith, S 2019. Teaching English in Asia: Where and How to Find ESL Jobs. Available from: https://www.transitionsabroad.com/listings/work/esl/articles/workinasia.shtml [29th June 2021].

Staff Writer, 2019, 5 Asian countries with the highest English proficiency. Available from: https://www.humanresourcesonline.net/5-asian-countries-with-the-highest-english-proficiency [29th June 2021].

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