BCM302 – Peer Review 2

Below are the 2 reviews I did for my classmates:

Review 1 (with blog post link attached):

The idea for parents to develop shared leadership in regards to how their kids consumer the internet shows the need for a shared responsibility. However, the article does not offer practical steps to approach this issue. Therefore, the assertion that having talks in schools and through YouTube videos may not be effective. To improve on this idea, there is a need of having a Functional prototype whereby steps towards the objective are outlined. Additionally, the shared leadership should be able to enforce it.

Review 2 (with blog post link attached):

Helping students deal with issues affecting their mental health is a noble project, therefore developing a platform where these students will be able to share and help one another will be essential in caring for these students. However, I feel that developing a virtual character on Instagram with a capacity of sharing three posts a week will not be sufficient to reach the intended target. In instances where there will be a large number of requests, the application my fail to post their stories. I feel that this idea may be improved by focusing on more weekly posts. However, the idea itself is a good starting point to reach out to people facing different challenges. 

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