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Home Care Medical Support Application

The Home Care Medical Support Application platform is very beneficial in the implementation and care of medical services to people. The logistics of the application that are involved include the development of a software system that will enable the medical services to be used by the people. Some investments will be required in ensuring the application will run smoothly without any problems. The benefits of this application will be to ease the amount of time that patients use to access medical services. It will assist patients in getting medication from various places. The application will greatly reduce the number of people going to the hospital with mild ailments. The risk factor in this application will be how to introduce the application to the people and how will it be consistently made to be reliable in delivering the intended service assigned to it.

Through a planned approach that will be incorporating the use of a systematic market approach process the risk obstacles that will be facing the introduction of the application will be gradually mitigated. The success of the implementation of the application is directly affected by the perception that the consumers will have towards it. This is a risk factor that has been incorporated into the mitigation measures that will ensure that the application is received well by the consumers. The approach of introducing the application will be based on test and improve processes. This is very important because the feedback that will be received will be used to make changes to the application which will make it to be more valuable to the consumers for a longer period. Continuous service upgrades will be an important feature in increasing the effectiveness of the application in various regions.

Below is the beta video presentation:

One thought on “BCM302 – Project Beta Blog

  1. The development of software system for The Home Care Medical Support Application seems complicated as there are miscellaneous details that needs made properly. The accessibility for medical services to the patient is a great idea however, the project seems too ambitious especially considering the amount of time before the submission.

    The main prototype for The Home Care Medical Support Application platform is how to convince people to trust your platform as majority of these platform are licensed by the Government body to maintain credibility and authenticity. I believe the intention the project is in a good route – I suggest to not aim to reduce the number of people going to the hospital with mid ailments as an objective. I think it is best to change the objects to making The Home Care Medical Support Application platform as an ADDITIONAL platform to the citizens as again, the objectives seem ambitious. The reliability of delivering services will be measured in what way as there are other elements to consider such as,

    Social media
    SMS services
    The test and improve process that was mentioned is a great way to assess the feasibility of the platform however, it is vital to be mindful of the time managements. Iteration and development could be more improve by considering how to market the platform and services.

    I suggest the article below to further investigate Arsllan’s project platform,



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