BCM300 – HongKonger’s Journey


The Game of Life designed by Milton Bradley was the prime game inspiration behind the development of the HongKonger’s Journey. The contributions of the game of life board game design were the same layout that was used to build the foundation of the HongKonger’s Journey. The inclusion of features like red and White Square in an eight-by-eight grid and a set of words that are used to indicate bad or good values and various conditions are incorporated in the board game. The purpose that Milton Bradley developed the Game of Life board game was based on his own experience in life. The game itself is based on how society should live and operate. This is the same reflection passed on to the HongKonger’s Journey game board.

How to Play

There are several stages of progression in the game. The first step where a player starts the game is at the infancy box which is located at the left-button corner. In the game, there are cards and dices which are used for various gambling activities as vices in the game (These should be avoided). To be able to progress actively through the game a player must use chance and strategy to earn points. For a player to progress to the college or congress stage, he or she must hit 100-points in each of the 5-point milestones to qualify.

  1. How to earn points –You can earn points strategically or by chance you land on Success, Happiness, or Wealth. These points will allow the player to proceed to the next step.
  2. How to lose points –You can lose points through the game by idling, gambling, and crime.
  3. There are other elements like ‘Jail’ which means that a player will lose on playing turn or ‘Cupid’ which jumps the player into matrimony.

On the game board, there are moving avatar pieces and the Teetotum is used to measure how far the avatars will move at a given play point. Since the game plays around as a form of moral instruction a player should avoid dices and cards which are associated with gambling. These will pull away from the points from the player using them.

Moral Principles

In each sport that a player finds him or herself in, there is a message to be learned there. These lessons are contained in each spot box. The following are the spot box stages;

  1. Old age: It is surrounded by many difficulties
  2. Poverty: Pass through it; it will not hurt you at the beginning of the game. 
  3. Honesty: Will lead you to happiness (move to happiness box) 
  4. Industry: Will lead you to wealth (move to wealth box)  
  5. Perseverance: Will lead you to success (move to success) 

All these are principles that are aimed at teaching the player about a particular attribute or lesson that will push him or her into the next stage strategically.

Game Narrative and Mechanics 

The HongKonger’s Journey game is meant to show how players can achieve success, failure, and achievements through their daily activities in Hong Kong.

  1. Storyline –The players in the game have to survive and live in Hong Kong by facing the various challenges and temptations that are in the city. The focus is on the experience a player will go through in the game. There are opportunities to get rich by acquiring assets such as houses and bonuses. There are also temptations such as gambling which reduce the points of the player.
  2. Mechanics –For the player to try and navigate through the HongKonger’s Journey he or she has to roll the dice. Each moment of rolling the dice provides a movement action on the board by the player. Skills are earned by the player while moving through the board. This allows the player to get degrees and jobs to be able to succeed further on. Through the investment and achievements that a player has accomplished he or she can buy assets. 

Game Rules

  1. In order for a player to win or progress through various stages there are specifications and guidelines that will be followed. The important part of the game is the learning experience of going through the gaming journey.
    1. In order for a player to be classified as a winner he or she must have the highest number of assets compared to others.
    1. On start a player will be issued with a token. They are required to place their token on either the “career” or “Study” starting point.
    1. The “career” path is based on gaining degree qualification on different fields of study. The “action” cards which allow the player to learn and earn a new skill in the game.
    1. Each ‘action” card skill has a different level of proficiency in understanding it.
    1. “Luck or Dust” gives a player an opportunity to participate in a lottery.
    1. The “Stop step” gives a player a chance to choose on the indicated action on the spot.
    1. The “Host” will calculate the total earning points for each player to award the players at the end.

Game target Audience

The target audiences for the HongKonger’s Journey game are people aged 18 or above. However, this game mainly focuses on teenagers aged 18 or above as it makes them to choose which way they want after their public exams. It makes them to think if they would want to continue their tertiary study or choose a career path and start working.

Benefits of the game

The HongKonger’s Journey game is very good in educating people about life in Hong Kong and how to live there. Through the game experience, process children will be able to learn the importance of navigating and investing in various stages in life. The players in the game learn the importance of sharing a journey with others and how to make effective and efficient decisions in life.

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