BCM303 – Reflective Essay

To start off with, it was a great experience to work with my group mates and specially with some real big people like Stephen Wong who is the founder of NewGig. NewGig, which is a non-profitable organization was started up by Stephen Wong in November, 2020 and is organised by group of professionals, corporations and field experts.
Although we were not really able to work with Mr Stephen as he is really a big person who is probably always busy, we were still able to work and interview with Kitty Mak as with the help of Mr Stephen. Ms Kitty is the program leader and we were able to interview her to know more about Mr Stephen and their organisation as what are their aims and objectives, and why have they set up this organisation.
Throughout this whole media and communication course, I have worked with my classmates before, we did presentations as well, but whats different in this assignment was we were able to work with real people and to experience how it is when working outside with big people. Honestly speaking, I have not experienced something like this throughout my whole study life, and I will remember this experience for a long period of time.
Taking about my group mates and the flow of our work, it was fabulous. I loved working with some great and smart people who guided me through the process, helped me where I needed help. I was able to work calmly as I knew my groupmates will help me if I need any guidance or help from them. We all divided our work equally and were all happy to work on what we were assigned to do. I was assigned to make the poster. At first, I was a bit worried how will I be able to get it done because Im very weak in IT skills. So I watched a few videos on how to make a poster, afterwards I found out some websites which can help me to finish the poster. So I got started and I ended up with something me and my group were very happy with. This was also a great learning experience. I could learn something not related to our course from this assignment.
Last but not the least, I would like to thank my group mates and Eugiene for the help throughout the process in the past 6 weeks. Without their help, all this would be impossible to finish.

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