BCM303 – Case Study Proposal

My case study is on focusing of the job position of being a Native English language teacher. My interviewee’s position of assessment of being a Native English language teacher is being offered by Elite Group Education Center.

In this case focus study, the idea is to find out the demands and requirements that Elite Group Education Center was looking for in trying to hire a teacher who can be able to effectively teach good English language in their institution. The nature and status of the school is an important aspect to know to be able to understand the best candidate for this job position. According to the Elite Group Education Center, good qualifications and proficiency in teaching good English to learners, a university degree, native proficiency in English as a language, and having the necessary skills to teach young Cambridge learners and the Hong Kong school curriculum is a value proposition that they are looking for in an interviewee. Their need for a teacher who will be able to offer good quality work in teaching skills that involve written, spoken, and reading elements of English as a language is important. The use of systematic questions to find the type o candidate that Elite Group Education Center needs is the best way to assess the job position.  The following are some of the proposed interview questions.

Interviewee Questions

  1. What are you looking for in a good English language teacher (This is to see if the institution has certain criteria for picking the candidate for the job)
  2. What are some of the roles that the English language will be dealing with on the job? (it is good to know the roles and descriptions of the job)
  3. How many years of experience in the English Language teaching profession should a candidate have? (This will help in knowing the capacity of experience that the institution is looking for)
  4. How many learners will the English language teacher handle at any particular teaching session? (It is important to know the capacity of learners that a teacher will be in charge of)
  5. Do you have any English language teaching programs? (This will help in knowing if the institution has any plans that are used in teaching the English language in their institution)
  6. What are some of the expectations that you are looking for from a potential candidate? (This will help in knowing the expectations of the institution from the candidate)

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