The Exploding Kitten game is a card game that was developed by Elan Lee and Matthew from the concept sites of The Oatmeal and Shane Small. It was officially launched into the market in 2015. Playing the game is interesting because I have several cards which have certain values. There is a card that has an exploding kitten. This card has the power to remove the player who placed it on the game table. If the player has a powerful card that can mitigate the exploding kitten card he or she can continue playing but if not then the game is over for them. The idea of the game while playing with others is to place cards on the table one by one to get different scores and values. There is anticipation that at any time someone can place the exploding kitten card. Therefore everyone is very watchful and excited about who will place the exploding kitten first.  The game is extremely engaging in the perspective of how simple it is to play and understand the rules of the game. It gets to allow people to become entertaining within them as they play the game. The game design display is focused on the concept of a kitten exploding like a nuclear bomb. The purpose of this design is to show that you can have fun with situations that are seen to be scary. There are different cards in the game stack which contain various cat avatars with different stated powers of accomplishment. In starting up the game the cards are shuffled up first and then place on the table.

The game stack cards are placed facing downwards so that no player can see which card they are picking up. When the players start to pick each one alternatively the one who picks up an exploding cat card is automatically removed from the card game. There are ‘Diffuse’cards which if a player has picked up the exploding cat card he or she can use to save his chances in the game through diffusing the exploding cat card. The exploding kitten card is re-inserted back again into the card stacks secretly so that no one can know where it is placed then the game continues again. The other cards in the stack are designed to avoid encountering the exploding cat’s card. This can be by playing a future card which allows you to take a preview of the next three cards in the stack to see where the exploding cat card is. There is another card that allows you to skip the next collecting round if you notice that the exploding cat is almost to be picked.

The developers of this game wanted to bring an old fashion style of playing games and develop it to be very exciting and interesting to people to engage in. The purpose and design of this card game were to create an atmosphere of friendship and entertainment within the people who play it. The game is very ideal for all family members from age 7 years and above. The game is designed to be fun and interesting in engaging the whole family in card games.

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