Home Care Medical Support Application

In the past 10 to 20 years the medical and pharmaceutical sector has experienced an influx of population demand for better medical services. These services in high demand are doctor consultations, treatment for patients, and availability of medicine. The demand created by the increased population for medical services has led me to create the Home Care Medical Support Application. This application that I am developing will provide a vital link between patients who need medical services and medical practitioners. This application aims to offer a quick and faster connection between doctors and patients through their mobile phones. A patient can book a doctor’s appointment through the application. They can get doctor recommendations on prescribed medicines for treatment. The application also will seek to reduce the amount of time people use to travel to medical facilities and locate for them where they can easily access medicine. This application will offer great benefits by easing the pressure of treatment and distribution of medicine in the medical system. 

Here is the link to my Youtube video:

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