Contextual Report on the Mode Changer


In the research process, my observation has been that the ‘Mode Changer’ would be a very important addition to any home. This is because it gives a different texture and appearance to a home or house. Many interior designs of a lot of houses are either decorated with one color or two at most. The use of the ‘Mode Changer’ brings a different ambiance and it gives the homeowner a choice of varying colors. The changing colors are good in changing the mood of the house from fun to theater or simplicity depending on the requirements needed. It also assists the home to be like a smart house.


The idea behind the ‘Mode Changer’ is to bring the features of a smart home closer to the people. A lot of people think that having a home that is equipped with artificial intelligence devices is very expensive to achieve. The objective of this product is to give people the capability to enjoy this kind of product. Making it affordable and the capability to offer simple satisfactions of a smart home is a very important advantage in getting the product to the consumers. The product is offering reliability with a perception of smart home advantage. 


Through the research and innovation, I have been able to understand more about managing living spaces better and offering smart solutions that improve home comfort. Through this process, I have also learned how to approach investors with unique innovative home solutions. I have also understood the processes and requirements that are needed in ensuring that a home has effective smart solutions that people can enjoy. 


Home smart solutions are used to improve the interactions that we have with our home to improve our surroundings. One of the limitations that are experienced in having smart home solutions is affordability. Some smart home solutions are expensive to purchase and install. The other factor that comes into play with the installation of smart home solutions is internet connectivity or Wi-Fi. A lot of the solutions used in many houses require internet connectivity. They cannot be able to functions without this feature.


The ‘Mode Changer’ is a good simple home smart solution that can be incorporated easily within any home. When it is used it offers different lighting modes which can be used to improve the look of a room in the house. It can also be used to improve the ambient mood of a room which will uplift the occupants in that room. Smart house solutions are very innovative in the solutions that they offer. Going into the future a lot of these technologies will be incorporated in many houses to improve the quality of life that people desire. This will offer the house the chance to be more functional and part of our daily life apart from just offering shelter. Future smart home innovative technologies are what many people will require in being able to manage their lives more efficiently. In the context of working from home which is currently being adopted by many people and organizations, smart home solutions will be very important in actualizing the working processes involved. 

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