BCM215: Online Gaming (Blog Post 2)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Gaming

Online gaming has been one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It has been attributed to targeting grown-up adults, young people, and children in different circumstances. They offer great attractive activities that become enticing for many people to want to interact with. Pokémon Go has been one of the most influential gaming platforms in the world since its development and adoption in 2016. A lot of the gaming activities of various degrees of fun exercise for the user while in the comfort of their houses or outside (Xsisted78). Many of the people who choose to play these kinds of games use them in their houses. Such games are good for entertainment purposes because of the satisfaction that they offer. It is important to understand the impact that these games have on people’s lives (Bhowal). It is also important to understand the disadvantages and advantages of online gaming.

Advantages of Online Gaming

  • Promotes elements of team works
  • Promote fun ways to stay active
  • Helps children to learn and understand new skills
  • They enhance brain memory and recall in children
  • The activities in them assist in improving multi-tasking skills
  • Some games contribute positively to future careers
  • They promote family togetherness through playtime
  • Provides new ways to experience stories
  • Provides new ways to think and assess new topics and observations

Disadvantages of Online Gaming

  • Growth of gaming addiction
  • Lack of effective physical exercises
  • Identity theft by online hackers
  • Increase in gaming cost activities
  • Increased chances of gambling and gambling addiction
  • Risk of malware and spyware hacking
  • Cyberbullying

The advantages and disadvantages of online gaming vary with various circumstances. Some researches suggest that frequent online gaming can affect the mental and physical factors of an individual. The fact that a lot of people spend a great considerable amount of time sitting while playing games has been linked to various problematic health conditions. Exercises are good to facilitate the proper functioning of the body hence a lot of hours spent sitting down will affect this factor.

Pokémon Go is a game that tries to pull people out of the sitting positions and try to get them active during playtime. The activities included are designed to stimulate the performance of the gamer. An element such as group interactions or player to the player increases these physical activities. Such factors have been contributing towards the increase of Pokémon Go in the market. Also, similar gaming interactions have benefited from this. In the overall long run, it is important for people who are using these online gaming portals to earn the advantages and disadvantages associated with them. It is also advisable for parents and guardians to be conversant with the types of gaming platforms that their children are engaged in (Bhowal) (Victorkarm). This will help in monitoring the way they relate with digital gaming platforms and reduces many other risks that are associated with online gaming.


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