BCM215: Contextual Report

The gaming industry has become one of the most lucrative industries in the world. In the past 50 years, there has been a steady trend of how gaming revenues have been increasing with each passing year (Wallach). This is a clear illustration of how people like games and how much the consumption of gaming products has been increasing. Various gaming elements pull people to engage with games in various degrees. The player experience is the most important factor that will determine the growth and acceptance of a particular game (Mäyrä). Through the experience that a player will have with a particular game is a key factor that the producers of gaming products focus on. Online games such as Fortnite Battle Royale, Pokémon Go, HearthStone, and The Splatoon 2 are some of the most trending games. This can be attributed to their capacity to offer great fun and entertainment to their consumers.

The growth of gaming media is directly proportional to the level of satisfaction that people receive from it. The growth of a gaming platform will increase its market share and also boost its revenue. Gaming companies always focus on ways and means of how they can offer the best experience to their consumers. These gaming platforms play a very important role in justifying how a game will be accessed and interacted with.

Gaming platforms are important for the growth of a game because they increase interactions between various characters. The option of multi-players in a game invites other people to interact, compete and have fun on one platform from different locations. This has been seen to build and increase interaction with various gamers and players (Mäyrä). 

Gaming revenues are very crucial and important to organizations that offer gaming platforms. Through client advertisement and customer subscriptions, the gaming organizations through their platforms have been able to generate impressive revenue streams for many years.

The gaming industry has become a multibillion industry with numerous revenue channels facilitating growth. The future of increased gaming activities is very much influenced by fast internet connectivity. The introduction of 5G technology is seen as the next step in increasing the experience of how people are interacting with games (Jones). It will also offer faster internet connectivity and the connection of multiple players in one gaming platform. All this is designed to increase the way gamers and players interact.

Gaming companies are also looking into virtual gaming, Cloud gaming, and Real-time gaming to increase their gaming influences. The increased technological developments in smartphones and their usage have created a very big advantage for gaming companies to develop their products to fit smartphones. This will give easy and quick access to players to download and interact with various games. The gaming companies are trying as much as possible to increase their influence in the market through any digital means available to increase their overall revenues.


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Wallach, Omri. “50 Years of Gaming History, By Revenue Stream (1970-2020).” 23rd November 2020.


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