Thesis Statement: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next form of revolutionary intelligence and understanding it is the best future path.

  1. Introduction

Since the late 20th Century and coming into the 21sr Century artificial intelligence has greatly taken a lot of interest in many sectors. The applications that come with the incorporation of artificial intelligence are limitless depending on the scope of the application. The important fact about artificial intelligence is to try and understand what is artificial intelligence? How is it processed or created? What are the benefits of artificial intelligence in our society? These and many more questions and concerns are what many people are focusing on in regards to artificial intelligence. In some discussion groups, there are concerns that artificial intelligence is a mistake because it will bring more negative effects to the population compared to its benefits. Other discussion groups argue that artificial intelligence is a necessity in the current life we are living in. Through this research paper, I will seek to carry out an analysis of the effects and growth of artificial intelligence. I will look into the confused perception behind artificial intelligence and what works for it. Also, I will focus on the growth and development of artificial intelligence in various fields.

  • Methodology

To deliver the best in my research I will be looking into various pieces of literature in regards to artificial intelligence, its conceptualization, growth, and effects on society. Five predictions for Machine Learning and AI in 2021 by Paul Clough, These five AI developments will shape 2021 and beyond by Baidu, Tesla 2021: What we expect to see from Elon Musk and company by Sean Szymkowski, and other references are some of the focus that will be taken into account. The important factor in this research is to understand the development, growth, and impact of artificial intelligence in various sectors.

  • Artificial Intelligence Forecast

In the next 5 to 10 years it is expected that the technology behind artificial intelligence to grow exponentially. The use of artificial intelligence has been on steady growth. Between the years 2018 and 2019, the average growth of using artificial intelligence was recorded to be at 5%. It is perceived that the growth of artificial intelligence will gradually grow at an increasing rate of 10% to 20% each year (Roumeliotis). The need by various organizations to streamline their services and products to become efficient and the constant needs of the human being for better services and products have become catalysts in the growth of artificial intelligence needs (Corea) (Baidu). Adoption of solutions that are provided by artificial intelligence by organizations and companies is seen as the best option in streamlining their operations,

An organization known as DeepMind has introduced an artificial intelligence technology known as MetaMind. The system has the same approach as a human being of collecting information and learning from it to affect the better response. The difference that MetaMind has over human beings is the fact that it has the concept of a dynamic memory network (Corea). This allows it to be more effective in managing a lot of tasks simultaneously and also making better management systems. This is a good example of artificial intelligence in machine learning. The process of creating efficiencies in production, manufacturing, and processing procedures is seen to be well driven by the introduction of artificial intelligence machine learning. Through these kinds of technologies remove a lot of biased performances and inefficiencies that are experienced by human input.

The future growth of artificial intelligence is attached to the demands of the economy and the solutions that it will offer. The reason that artificial intelligence was developed was to assist in improving performance where human capabilities are not able to perform. As demand for more sophisticated and equally efficient products and services grows so will the rate and frequency of services provided by artificial intelligence. Therefore the life and development of artificial intelligence are determined by the needs of the people and the economy (Clough) (Roumeliotis). Without these factors, artificial intelligence would not be able to exist or grow.

  • Future Effects of Artificial Intelligence

In the article the future of artificial intelligence:7 ways, AI can change the world for better … or worse by Mike Thomas highlights some of the ways artificial intelligence technologies are set to affect the future of very many things. In Chicago, a person knows as Marc Gyongyosi who owns a Technology firm has developed artificial intelligence software together with his team. The software that they have developed is capable of carrying out automatic detection of safety violations and facial recognition. These are designed to improve the working flow in warehouses and other operational facilities (Thomas). The effects of future artificial intelligence are seen to affect elements such as transportation, media, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and customer service.

Companies like Tesla are looking into fully integrating fully powered electric vehicles and trucks on the road by the year 2022 (Szymkowski). In the view of Elon Musk, the Chief Executive Officer for Tesla, the future of transportation modes is set to change to more efficient vehicles that use electricity and do not pollute the environment. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is spending as much as $1 billion on building facilities that will only cater to the development of artificial intelligence. Companies such as tech giants Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are investing and spending billions of dollars in creating products and solutions that center around artificial intelligence (Thomas). This is a clear show of how the business of artificial intelligence has become lucrative in many sectors. A lot of companies are seeking these technological developments in artificial intelligence for their use and they are willing to pay a lot of money to acquire them.

  • Artificial Intelligence And Employment Research

When employed by an organization to look into artificial intelligence for the business it is very important to consider the following factors;

  1. Reason for the organization to adopt artificial intelligence
  2. What would be the impact of incorporating artificial intelligence within the business?
  3. What would be the external impact of the business using artificial intelligence?
  4. How much would it cost the organization in purchasing the artificial intelligence system?

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