BCM313 reflection

To start off with, I really loved this BCM313 course. Its the course that I loved the most. We had a great and easy time doing this course. I love doing presentation and I enjoyed my presentation we did few weeks back because firstly, it was about work and secondly, I could be all natural and present without a script. In addition, I could learn a lot not only from my sister after the interview, but also I could learn a lot from the presentations I watched of my classmates. It was a great learning experience. One thing I took out from the presentations I watched of my classmates is that the experiences are actually very unusual and something we have never thought about. This shows that coming into reality when we will step out of colleges and start working, we should be prepared to face such challenges because life is all about challenges. Also, I think its more fun journey when there are challenges.

I also enjoyed our guest speakers talks. I could learn something out of books. They gave me an idea of what we can do after our graduation. Nonetheless, they proved us that this degree is no less than any other bachelors degree and we can get any job in Hong Kong or abroad looking at our skills.

Comparing to other subjects in this course, I liked how we could freely express ourselves and to go beyond anything in terms of lecture notes and anything when doing our assignments. It just made it easier to express our values. Talking about myself, I like to do things freely which has no limits. And this subject has actually that thing that we could freely talk about it, express it and learn freely rather than like other subjects, we are subjected to specific area and not go out of it.

To conclude, I really enjoyed BCM313 in terms of everything. Theres no one single thing which I can say I did not like about the subject. The course outline to a fabulous, well experienced lecturer Maria, I simply couldnt ask for more. I can also say with lots of confidence that I wouldnt have enjoyed this course much as I did with Maria being our teacher. I would like to take this opportunity here to thanks Maria in putting extra effort in us and to make the course more interesting.

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