BCM313 Interview Reflection

Presentation Link: https://onedrive.live.com/edit.aspx?resid=AEFDE35FD064A2A6!509&cid=299f207f-53c3-4e02-907f-b9d8623ba4fe&ithint=file%2cpptx&wdOrigin=OFFICECOM-WEB.START.MRU

It has actually been a while since I last did an interview with someone. Although I knew the steps of doing the interview which are basically choosing the right questions and most importantly, the right person for the interview who will bring value and enhance the knowledge on any given topic . So, it was not really tough but not a piece of cake either to come up with good questions that would really help me to get to the core of what I was looking for in terms of ideas and knowledge depth. I knew to extract the most out of anyone, I would have to choose someone I knew, hence I chose my sister as she would bring the right kind of information objectively and uninhibitedly

Once all the questions were ready, I went for the interview. My sister is an educator so I got to learn more about the teaching industry like the work that goes behind the scenes and how best to get along with students because I gathered from the interview with my sister that it is very important to get along with the students to make them feel comfortable with the teachers so that they can trust their guidance and lean on them emotionally if needed. My sister expressed that there are problems which sometimes students can not share with their peers so it is important to win their trust so they would share their problems with you openly and seek help before it is too late. As a teacher, one plays a monumental role in students’ lives.

She also discussed her journey describing where she started from, where she is right now and what direction she is headed in in the next few years. Of course, it’s never easy to achieve big things. It has been a long journey for her as well as she started teaching part-time at a primary school teacher and then gradually moved to a secondary school and currently teaches at a community college as a lecturer of English. She also revealed her strengths and weaknesses as an educator with her strengths really setting the core of her career. She mentioned her strengths were her ability to be understanding, compassionate, easy going and most importantly enjoying what she does. With this, she said you put a lot more effort and heart in your work which will have a positive impact on the students. She further elaborated that she loves to see her students achieve good results and to see them become successful individuals both personally and in their chosen careers. As a teacher, I believe you are playing the role of parents at school. Therefore, the success of students really does matter a lot to the teachers and not just the family. It seems at times, this success may feel like a personal victory for some teachers therefore, it is not just a job and, it is surely not everyones cup of tea to become one because you have to put in a lot of hard work and extra hours.

From the interview, I have learned a lot from my sister. It has broadened my horizons because previously I had little knowledge about teachers’ work or the field of education. It is not as simple as I thought or as simple as it looks. You really have to have a lot of passion to be a successful teacher. I also was surprised to learn how much extra time the teacher puts in preparing for the lessons, marking assignments, taking notes, attending meetings, and most of the time this comes at the expense of sacrificing their own free time. For a person like who lacks insight into this field, would think that it’s an easy job – just show up in the class, teacher and leave, but the hard work that goes behind that one hour of teaching is often neglected and hence, unappreciated. Students including me should always be very grateful for their teachers as they help us climb the ladder to success smoothly.

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