BCM214: Self-reflection


I concentrated on Leo’s approach to the project to develop an understanding of the basics before even getting an insight into how it works. The fact that the project is technology-related already gives him educational knowledge of the current setup in the economy. Developing an understanding of technology and how it can impact positively the lives of people around you will always enhance integration and create the need for improving lives in the society regardless of background.

Even though I knew very little about PES, Leo’s approach created new insights into technology and how entertainment and education can be acquired under one platform. We come from a society where changes in all aspects of the trade are inclined to technology ad the fact that business ventures want to stay ahead of the game for sustainability. Many consumers are keen on products that enhance preference but also develop more educational purposes just like PES.

In data acquisition and clarity of purpose, I liked how Leo transformed PES to E-Football PES 2021. This highlighted the aspect of technological changes that the market always needs to be aware of for sustainability. The stagnation of growth due to lack of innovation will enhance a decrease in returns for investment and provide a stumbling block to growth. Ascertaining the going concern of a business is therefore dependent on how one is willing to generate more innovations at the expense of relying on one that is already existing.

I also highlighted how education is not only about reading but listening and implementing. For a good project like Leo’s, there is a constant call for advice and the need to embrace it. Creating room for additional information will not only enhance the outcome of the project but also create knowledge on future endeavors. I think the project is destined for success due to the input.

Sarah’s Project

I developed an understanding of Sarah’s project through the structural output. A look at the Beta you realize project management not only addresses the contents but also the organization. Many firms have failed in project management due to the lack of professional structuring which enhances interpretation and implementation of data by others. In structuring, it is very essential to give background information about the project, an aspect that Sarah exploited fully. I manage to understand why it was critical to indulge in the project and the educational benefits that can be derived.

The combination of technology and education has become rampant in the globe with excessive positive impacts. Developing the need for education in a project will provide an essential need for further clarifications and open up new research. This aspect of education creates the need for innovations and implementation of changes to enhance communication and improve outcomes for a better living.

I also highlighted the concerns for Sarah’s approach to the comments on her Beta. People will always have a different opinion towards any project and despite their varied capabilities of ascertaining good from bad, it is important to go through them. Feedbacks do not necessarily mean new implementation and I am really glad that Sarah had varied opinions on the various comments she received. She was capable of articulating the good from the bad and deciding whether it fits the project purpose. Agreeing to work on the changes to enhance quality output was very professional for Sarah and it will go a long way in enhancing her knowledge. Additionally, the structuring of the project will enable various stakeholders in the technology and education sector to enhance accountability and promote the need for organization structuring if the quality output is to be attained.

I contributed to Richard’s project by enhancing my knowledge of technology and the economy. The Beta presentation n Twin Saga creates a rather connected approach to business and transactions. Many have always assumed animations are meant for entertainment and restricted to a certain age grade, but Richard’s approach explores a new dimension to a business that can be acquired through Twin Saga.

I was very keen to highlight the interrelation between purchase and sale of the Twin Saga assets through transactional means which creates a similar approach in the modern economy. Generating income has always been an aspect of the modern economy since bills have to be paid and the costs of living are pretty much very high. However, the aspect of saving has always created more debates than solutions. From Twin Saga, you realize how Richard creates a new approach to saving which involves transactional means, whereby, instead of saving money in boxes it is advisable to trade more for a chance of an increase in returns.

I also mentioned the inclusion of different languages as a significant step in business. In as much as we want to trade, Richard is aware of the different backgrounds and cultures we come from therefore offering a common language like English as the standout theme is essential. However, for flexibility, additional languages have also been included to enhance knowledge creation. Education can be implemented in different languages successfully and Richard’s project has exemplified the fact that we need to embrace the same for economic gains. The different economic levels for different countries should also not be a worrying trend since we experience different growth curves even in life depending on the availability of resources and how fast we can turn them into essential products for sale.

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