BCM215: Beta Presentation

Beta Presentation

The game for my project is Pokemon Go. At this stage of the project, I believe I know at what direction I am going towards. The aims of my study have been mentioned in my Beta as well as blog 2. I would be focusing on those 5 aims because I believe this project will lead me and to my audience in improving our decision making towards technological uncertainties.
I have 3 project focuses which will guide me to the completion of my project. The 3 project focuses have been mentioned in my blog 2 and beta as well. My progress has come back on track after I lost track by doing something out of topic at the starting point. All thanks to my teacher for helping me and guiding me at the earlier stage. Therefore, I did not receive any comments online (Twitter) from my classmates, however I have received feedback from my classmates after I have showed them my pitch which I had to redo in order to get back to the right track. My classmates and teacher have gave me comments which has helped me to get back to the right track as well as to make few changes in order to provide a fantastic piece of work at the completion stage.
The changes I made are my focus point, I would be focusing on technological forecasting rather thn the growth and popularity of the game itself. I have briefly explained in my beta presentation already.


This study aims at establishing Pokémon Go’s utility and success of merging a mobile game and global internet positioning technology to successfully merge physical activities with technology. Previously, taxi-hailing applications were the most successful inventions to utilize the two functionalities concurrently and for a long time the situation remained the same, however, the success rate attained by Pokémon Go are somewhat of a marvel and milestone worth of review. Health professionals’ widespread realization that technology is increasingly becoming a hindrance to physical activity informs the preceding assertion. However, the dependence on technology is also increasing regularly hence the effectiveness attained by the game in regards to reversing negative effects games have had on the current generation of humanity. The study thus aims at exploring the potential of technological forecasting, its purpose, modes of enhancing the exercise, possible approaches to facilitate forecasting and the changes needed to enhance them.

Project Focus

The following elements will guide my digital artifact presentation:

  • The essence of technological forecasting
  • Viable approaches to implementing technological forecast
  • The advantages and disadvantages of these approaches
  • How to execute forecasting and the interventions needed to enhance forecasts


The project will rely on feedback from social media sites like Facebook and twitter to weigh the different approaches suggested for it to assume. The study will additionally rely on correspondences from professionals the researcher has access to and peer discussions to curate the project’s constituents.


Presently, the project was primarily an examination on how a gaming application made the realization of a billion downloads and astronomical revenue margins in a short period but now technological forecasting will serve as the principal focus. This change is informed by successfully consulting with peers and research, which established technological forecasting to be a better research objective.

Timeline and Conclusion

The project will be conducted over a 2-week period whereby sufficient data on technological forecasting will be gathered. Ultimately, the project has the potential to improve decision making regarding technological uncertainties by widening the perspective on the subject matter.

One thought on “BCM215: Beta Presentation

  1. Hi Arsllan,

    Very information beta video of your project. I heard a lot about your target game which is Pokeman Go, although I never play this because I am not interested in it while some of my friends also addicted to it. I think your project focus is good because as far as the advancement of technologies, some games insert advanced technologies such as AR and VR. Just like Pokemon Go using AR mapping technology to enhance the playing experience. I believe one of the reasons why Pokemon Go is so popular now is because the new tech brings a new playing experience. When people are playing the game, the game itself integrated into reality. When the player collects the Pokemon in “reality”, it can enhance their identity of playing. Also, some people like to play with games that insert new techs. Such as some racing players like to sit in the newly designed chairs to enjoy the playing experience. I played once before which is a racing game with VR and I found the experience is absolutely real like I am driving a real car. To help with your further DA, here is the article that may help u https://www.cmsdistribution.com/how-technology-is-changing-the-gaming-future/.

    I am looking forward to your final DA, it should be interesting !!!!



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