BCM215: Pokemon Go (Pitch)

Project Plan

The Augmented Reality (AR) game by Niantic’s , Pokémon Go, craze and popularity swept through the world in 2019 marking the highest revenue levels reached since its launch in 2016. The game plays supports functionality within both the iOS and Android hence one can engage in the monster catching functionality it offers with the convenience of mobility smart phones offer. The project thus aims to establish how the game rose to popularity three years after its launch and currently has a cumulative download number in excess of one billion.


Considering its analytical nature, the study will primarily rely on quantitative data obtained from the game’s official website and gaming trend sites such as The Hollywood Reporter. The game’s popularity was also responsible for its review by scholars, who sought to examine its effects on factors such as physical activity, innovativeness that made it the most downloaded application. This data is found on publication such as An Initial Evaluation of the Impact of Pokémon GO on Physical Activity, The Journal of the American Heart Association, Pokémon Go and Research: Qualitative, ´ Mixed Methods Research, and the Super complexity of Interventions, Journal of Qualitative Methods and Going Forward with Pokémon Go, NCBI.

Media/Technology the project will use

The projects will rely on textual data from the websites mentioned in the previous section, Microsoft applications Word and Excel in case the need to graphically represent the findings and YouTube reviews by gaming enthusiasts.   

Analytical framework

The projects aims at establishing the quality of Pokémon Go, a game that capitalizes on Global Positioning System (GPS), Augmented Reality (AR) and smartphone technology to digitally engage its players hence the mixed approach will suffice as its review evokes both qualitative and quantitative feedback. However, the primary methodology used will be quantitative research.

The utility

The research will be instrumental in understanding the motivation behind the creation of the game, its popularity, and the effects it has on physical activity thus forming a background for future research into its cumulative characteristics. 

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