BCM215: Peer Comments

Comments given by me

Ken Blanchard

In the following peer commentary and self-reflection, I would reflect upon the feedback I gave my peers on their digital artifacts and what I have learned as a result of completing this task. 

For this assignment, we had the privilege of choosing a game that we were interested in investigating and enhancing our knowledge about. Since every individual has different likes and interests, it was pleasant to see my peers coming forth with a variety of games and sharing what appealed to them and why. I do not have great knowledge about the gaming world but despite that, I took a keen interest in researching about these games after which I developed an understanding of my classmates’ DA pitches so that I could offer them constructive feedback to help improve their project pitch. 

Digital Artifact 1 – Jeffery


I did not know anything at all about the Yakuza Series which is based on the Japanese Gangster culture so I had to read about it to understand it in detail before I could really comment on Jeffery’s DA. It would have been clearer had Jeffery mentioned some background about the Japanese Gangster culture and its prominence in the 20th century which could have played a role in the success of this game. However, now that I know what it is about, ethnographic research would reveal a lot about the reasons this game is popular and whether there is any truth to what is being painted in the game series so I think Jeffrey is headed in the right direction in terms of investigation. It would also be interesting to find how the portrayal of the Japanese Gangster Culture has evolved over time in the game. 

Digital Artifact 2 – Sarah


Sarah’s DA focuses on digital marketing in the gaming industry with a focus on a first-person shooter game called Valorant which resembles Counter-Strike in many ways. I found her approach unique as she looked at the key aspects of what leads to the success or failure of new games. Since this is an emerging field of work and people are beginning to investigate trends, I immediately suggested to Sarah that she should have some user-experience of anything she wants to market so as to make her selling point more authentic and convincing. 

In addition, I also recommended that she have an open mind when studying which digital marketing strategies outdo others by looking at the financial returns they bring to their developers. This was an important point to mention because it seemed from her pitch that she was more focused on understanding how the digital marketing phenomenon started and evolved over time rather than focus on what caused its success. Another angle that I suggested Sarah to explore was whether being launched or associated by well-known companies meant earlier or guaranteed success as it gave the game quite a lot of exposure. 

I was also pleasantly surprised at how well Sarah tied her current project with her future career goals as not many of us would have that kind of mental clarity with so much going on in the world right now. 

Digital Artifact 3 – Tommy 


Tommy’s digital artifact is about Minecraft which is a non-linear sandboxing game. The game has had players of many generations keep it alive even though there has not been any solid marketing done. I personally feel that the reason why this game has been popular is because of moddability, meaning players can create and share mods with others thus playing an integral role in becoming a proxy game developer which was uncommon to see when it started out. Over time, many people realized its violent-free nature and other educational elements that were present in the game which has resulted in this game being used even in classrooms. 

I felt that Tommy needed a more comprehensive understanding of the success factors of Minecraft which is why I suggested he read a journal article. Other than that, I also want him to explore if there are any hidden implications of the game to be able to make a more informed and objective conclusion about the game. 


I found it necessary to appreciate the positive aspects of my peers digital marketing pitch but at the same time point out the aspects that needed more clarity going forward with an unbiased opinion. 

I tried to be polite, cautious and respectful of the views when giving my opinions without being too judgmental as encouraging my peers to do better was more important than bringing them down. 

comments received.


Sarah was keen on reminding me the relevance of my project. She further made a recommendation the topic primarily focusses on knowledge management and information science citing the potential of the project fully exploiting its social and educational functionalities. The project intends to function like a backup system for individuals’ data thus players can log in to their profile on a different computer or any electronic device that supports on-demand gaming and continue from where they finished their last session. Finally Sarah suggested an article for further reading to aid the project attain its objective with regards to the effects of on demand gaming.


Ellix Lopez despite being brief with feedback also acknowledged the project and approved it. Ellix like Sarah also points out the inability of most people to observe the long-term effects and influence gaming has on the society to the extent of forming a sub culture of sorts inspired and aligned with on demand gaming. This peer finally signed off by expressing interest in knowing what I think of their feedback.


Hashan was the third respondent to the constituents of my topic of choice. This peer’s views on the topic were however divergent since they appreciate my topic choice and its digital properties but seem to think it does not address the needs of game media exhaustively concurrently. The feedback was however well thought as it offers the suggestion of the project shifting focus to aspects like the effects of gaming to learning institutions. Universities and what university students preference with regards to gaming is the exact suggestion made by Hashan. Nonetheless, the constructive critique did not limit this peer from expressing interest in seeing the project actualize.

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