BCM325: Part 1 Blog 1

Summarily, watching the movies has changed my perspective about the current world as it is in multiple contexts. It was surprising to get to know that most of the futuristic ideas we presently deem novel and intriguing have been in existence for some time now. The concepts were conceived and even got to be scripted, dramatized by actors with the help of directors such as Kubrick and filmed as movies, which have, been in existence from as far back as 1927, the year metropolis released. Some of the movies are adaptations of books that had been published way before they were adapted screenings. Recently, Tenet, a highly acclaimed Sci-Fi movie, was released after a long period of publicity. The movie makes a lot of reference to mathematics, physics and technology. Interestingly, Tenet is a modernized version of some of the movies we have reviewed in class. The movie was able to attain complex visuals only because of the advancements the film and technology industries have made over time.

Most of my tweets attained minimal cumulative impressions; however, I was able to observe a trend from the tweets despite the fact that individual tweets were inspired by different movies. Nonetheless, the relationship in the content covered was apparent. The mystery about this observation is further enhanced by the fact that curation of the tweets in review took place during different times, the movies’ classification varies and they happen to have gone into production generations apart except for a few of them whose release overlap. The tweets make reference to the bible, mystery, technology and robotics, and the use of fascinating soundtracks. The image attached below confirms this observation.

The tweets also exposed me to the essence of maintaining an active twitter profile in order to realize impressions, attain constructive engagements and thus get feedback while tweeting. The fact that my account has been dormant for a long time prior to me posting the tweets is responsible for me not getting any response. Had I maintained some level of activity prior, certainty in attracting some form of engagement would have been assured.

Primarily, most of my tweets were limited to text. I believe this could also have played a part in the minimal level of reach my tweets gained. As such, although twitter is defined by a character count of 280 characters, it would have been prudent of me to have made use of imagery, memes, videos, audio files and GIFs as they make communication a tad interesting breaking the monotony of having to read through text.

The tweeting experience additionally exposed me to the basics and functions of social media. Twitter, just like Facebook and all its constituent social media applications are powerful tools. To effectively use them, one needs optimization skills. Persons with specialty to this function are referred to as influencers; these are people who have a good understanding of how social media algorithms work and can manipulate them for optimal reach. Had paid influencers pushed the #bcm325, the tweets with reference to the hashtag would have definitely attained better feedback levels.


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