Project Overview

The Evolution of Future Culture through Digital Platforms

  1. Introduction

In the current modern world, technology has become one of the most important factors that influence the increase in human development. Many of the advanced and upcoming technological creations are designed to offer greater opportunities in different fields and sectors of development. Science, agriculture, and pharmaceutical sectors are some of the economic sectors that are benefiting from increased technological evolution. The phase of digital artifacts in information science is one aspect that is estimated to have a great impact on the lives of human being directly and indirectly. Also, it will have long-lasting effects in the manufacturing, processing, and service industry. The interest of modern scientific research is to look into various ways that the evolution of future culture can be used to improve the way people communicate and interact with each other.

  • Digital Artifacts In Future Culture

The project research focuses on various digital artifacts flaw formats that contribute towards the development of future culture going forward (Spacey). In the past, it was not easy to create and replicate what the current technology can accomplish.

  1. Digital Media

Photograph and video sharing are two main sources of increased digital media traffic in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The digital footprint of the equipment used to capture video and pictures introduces the complexity and flaws of how the technology used behind it is. This complex technology forms part of the basis that drives technology evolution.

  • Information

The corruption of information in data storage devices, software interactions, and operating systems are part of the contribution to the formation of digital artifacts that cannot be used.

  • Data

Data corruption or data damage are common ways to describe the level of corrupt data is affected. The introduction of unwanted features in stored data is an example.

  • Future Culture Technological Trends

Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Blogging channels, and Web content are going to be some of the influencing platforms and features that will propel future culture. Some of the future technology trends to look for are;

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI)
  2. Machine learning
  3. Increased Internet device connectivity
  4. Human augmentation with technology
  5. Big Data analytics
  6. Intelligent and smart spaces
  7. Blockchains and distributed ledgers
  8. Cloud computing
  9. Computer facial recognition
  10. Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles

These and many more will form basic features and platforms that will be designed to influence future culture and the way human beings will interact (Marr). These technological elements are designed to provide a sense of improved lifestyle and increased interactions between human beings from near or distant places.

  • Macro of Emerging Technology

According to the study report by Deloitte (Tech Trends 2021), emerging technologies have contributed to the development and increased business in various capacities across the world. In the year 2020, a lot of changes were affected due to unprecedented changes. This gave rise to the need for viable technological solutions that can be used to facilitate the continued operations of businesses and organizations. In the analysis, macro technological factors were analyzed to assess their impact in the business field (Tech Trends 2021 10). Factors such as computation, information, interactivity, and business foundation affect the future culture of organizations and people working in those organizations.

The aspect and factors that influence future culture are very diverse. They affect the different sectors of industrial production and daily human being interactions. Going into the future technological evolution is going to play a greater role in the way future culture will be influenced and the impact that it will have on the people and the environment.

Reference List

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5 thoughts on “BCM325: PROJECT PITCH

  1. The pitch is clear of what you would like to project. The world has absolutely become very well engaged with the social media and ever since the start of technology and internet it has rapidly becoming more influenced the Human mind. Everything is Human based and that it has progressed in different industries, that have earned a lot of business.


  2. As you go on with your DA, would you talk about the advantage and disadvantages of technology and human? The impact of it in the future? As we know and can predict that in the future that the area of technology is going to very advanced that it could change the world as we know it.
    The systems are going to be advanced.
    You could check out the latest news or academic articles on the latest developments.

    looking forward to your DA.


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