BCM206 D.A

The main concept of our project is to protect the environment, small contribution matters as it causes an environment and societal. Fast Fashion had caused environmental concerns because clothes became cheaper; prices had fallen so does their quality which led to an acceleration of fashion trends. People are keener to buy more clothes to keep up with the trends but less keen in taking care of them; dispose them faster.  


Home Recycling service was one of our choices as a method to execute our Digital artifact. However, it was not feasible in our project as the process will take too long.  

Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/switchit852/)  

  • Our Instagram was only for promotional materials. We decided to only use this platform for promotional material because we want our target audience to be curious about us which will encourage them to visit our website to check it out. Anyone who visits our website is a potential member, Instagram is a perfect tool for that.  

Target Audience: Students 

Website (https://switchit852.wixsite.com/switchit852)  

  • A platform for our target audience to further understand our concept. To understand us more, we wanted to make our about page unique, therefore we put it in our Home page as Inside Switch It 852. The main purpose of our website is for transaction post and arrangements. This is the platform for unwanted clothes post and communication.  

Target Audience: Students 

Utility and trajectory 


  • Our first Instagram page did not do well as we had low number of followers. Although we posted 9 promotional images and animations of “Do you Know” series, the content was not enough to catch people’s attention. We had too much information per post that it was overwhelming for viewer to stay in touch with our Instagram page.  
  • We wipe out the old Instagram theme and created a more minimalistic theme on our page. Our follower increased. More people visited our website.  

Instagram Post,  


Before posting any unwanted clothing on our page, user should follow the following rules, or their post will be taken down.  

Rules: https://switchit852.wixsite.com/switchit852/forum/switch-it-here/how-this-works 

  • You must offer at least one article of clothing while switching. 
  • You must list your preferred sizes.  
  • You must attach a photo of the clothing article.  
  • You must indicate the condition of the clothes. 
  • You must include prefer location. 
  • You must include Men/Women category. 
  • Forum  


In order to protect user’s privacy, there is a chat box for user to communicate with each other regarding the item and arrangements. To use it, it is highly recommended to register as a member to received notification when there are new messages.  

  • Contact Page 

User may leave their Name, address and messages in our contact page for suggestions and complaints. This secure privacy. 


This project taught me how to be efficient in doing research. Doing research on how to further improve our Instagram and website was important because I am knee in learning and practicing my digital skills. I learnt that content is the core of the project because it shapes how to strategize the plan of the project. Also, it made me understand user-centered perspective, it is important to always put yourself in a user perspective because it is easier to spot the problem and make improve efficiently.  

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