BCM206 Internet Of Things

We can control anything that is connected to the internet. With the advance of technology today, everything can be accessed and controlled by the Internet and I actually mean it. The term ‘internet of things’, also known as IoT, means “physical objects connecting to the Internet” (Mitew 2017). Sensors plays a huge role in the digital era as without sensor semantic interface would not function, therefore physical objects that has sensors is a form of cloud database to on the internet.  

In the IoT jargon, every object equipped with the above capabilities is said to become context-aware, where context is understood as the triangle of location-identity-state (Abowd et al., 1999). IoT has a unique function of engaging, registrating, and changing the object and surroundings. In sociable objects, it is empowered, and it engages with human by heteroclite, it could be by voice; it follows the command of its “master”.  

With all the devices connected to the internet, it does not only collect a history of your activities but could cause harm to your personal data. Such as security, when the vulnerabilities are easy to spot it could lead to cyber-attacks and danger to all the interconnection. Privacy harms user privacy as therefore transparency is vital when controlling over individual data. Cross boarders attack occurs when unregulated exchange of data is handled. Cloud war is traces of digital ware and a potential threat to the IoT networks as big data stocks are being displayed 

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One thought on “BCM206 Internet Of Things

  1. I like your meme. It definitely shows how the technology collects data even if you are not physically registered. It is scary to think that we come to this technology today, you can simply register your voice or thumb print to command any “objects”.


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