BCM206 CyberWar

In the hacking subculture. There is an anarchic mode of operation, with no centralize voice, identity or oversight has there is a global participation. Information wants to be free as it is a knowledge is the primary value therefore sharing and reciprocity is a social capital. A cyber-attack is an act of using more than one computer to go against the networks or computers, this disables the system by stealing data or causing disruption. This tool is powerful especially in our generation now as it could damage any institution or company operations. The characteristic of cyber-attacks has no geographic restriction therefore anyone can practice such acts.  

For example, in 2014, Kim Jong-un threaten to attack against the USA’s Hollywood film as they portrayed assassinating Kim. A group called “Guardian of Peace” hacked. Sony’s screen was hacked with images of red skeleton written “Hacked By #GOP”, they then took confidential information from the network and worked partly with North Korea. Their act threatens to expose Sony’s secrets and spread it across the web. This is a form of cyberattack, it has a power to change the world and social effect.  
In our today’s society, traditional weapons such as spies, solders and criminals are not the only warfare, but cyber-attacks, cyber-weapons and cyber-warfare are form of modern warfare of armory. No one has a clue when will the next cyber-attack, but it will always be there. Classes of attacks ranges from passive, active, close-in, insider and distribution.  


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