BCM206 Anonymous Group

Anonymous Group has been called infamous, dangerous and disruptive. They are an interesting phenomenon; they are a concentrated group as anybody can join no criteria is needed and no representation from central or singular group. It is an internet activism but anonymous. No one knows how broad this group is or how many staff operates it. Their powerful symbols are the peculiar mask their members wear known as the Guy Fawkes mask.  

Anonymous began in 4chan with image and message board in the early 2000s, its motive was to promote anonymous discussion regardless of its origin. Their content was chaotic and provocative, and a disruption of the status quo.  In 2008, they organized an attack on scientology online, it was mainly juvenile pranks and faxed black papers to the organization that its overwhelmed scientology. They collectively overpower their target by being consistent with their tool which is Distributed Denial of Service (DDS) attacks. Thus, website crashes when it receives huge number of requests than it can handle. This method gained Anonymous Group power to take down any websites belonging to any group or institution they opposed.  

An example of an organization known as “Lulzsec” caused a real-world effect because it exposed hacking and releasing personal information of Sony Picture such email accounts and passwords. This led CIA website to shut down and made US Senate public. Lulzec members were arrested.  

Internet activism led global events such as Arab Spring by coordinating and anonymous planning huge number of like-minded people. Anonymous Group represents the changing nature of collective actions around us, how vigilante justice can be and how communication fostered by the internet.  


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One thought on “BCM206 Anonymous Group

  1. Although anonymous group is describe as disruptive, I do believe it is “necessary” as they expose information that are unethical. I understand that there are ‘few bad apples” but you cannot have bad apples in the institution, ironic isn’t it?


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