BCM206 SwitchIt852 Beta Assessment


Website (https://switchit852.wixsite.com/switchit852/forum

How does our website work?  

Member registration, 

  1. Login/sign up  
  1. choose Google account or Facebook account 

For message, 

  1. Apply for an account or Use email address  
  1. Forum  
  1. Chat box icon   

For unwanted clothes, 

  1. Apply for an account or Use email address  
  1. Forum  
  1. Create new post 

The website is for a planform for people sell their unused items by marking their own price. The function is to make it user friendly to our seller and buyer to communicate.  


  • Privacy issue 
  • Not effective because communication is happening in the comment section  


  • Privacy issue solved 
  • Created a chat for effective communication 

Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/switchit852/

Promotion and brand awareness 

This is to attract people to recycle their unwanted clothes by including our URL link on page and post.  bio, stories and feed. We were active on our stories and post feed. Our stories include quizzes to engage our follower with our page, the quizzes were about environmental issues. The answers can be found on our post feed because the content of post feed is a moving animation of facts and evidence of fast fashion and problem it caused; we titled it with “Do you know”.   


  • Follower were at 25 only 
  • No shares 
  • No website tabs visit  
  • Average of 8-15 views on stories 
  • Average of 12-20 likes on feed post 


  • Redesign the Instagram to attract more followers. Followers increased to 143 on 21 October 2020.  
  • Minimalistic look 
  • Short caption 
  • Less wordings 
  • Feed post reached 128-153 likes per post 
  • Stories reached 10-24 shares 

Our page statistic as of 23 October 2020 reached 1,440 impression: 225 reached account, 454 profile visits interaction, 36 content and 32 website taps. on 21 October 2020, we achieved 162 reached account, it is the highest so far. 

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