BCM206 The Cathedral and The Bazaar

To understand the Cathedral and The Bazaar, it is important to understand the meaning of both in managing a hacking project.  

Cathedral is an approach of controlled, it is a top down controlled approach. This method requires few developers to handled everything in house and occasionally release finished product when kinks worked out. Bazaar is a wide and open range with multiple releases handled in a quick chain, mainly used for users and other hackers to provide feedback thus, to achieve final product, task delegation takes place.  

Users plays a huge role as they are the most important resource as developers are ones to write a piece of the final product by utilizing both user and developers for debugging and code improvement. However, projects handled by you is still a great deal because you are the main person to organize the project, make decisions about the software and incorporate pieces worked on by others. User’s contribution is a great contribution because it will help improve future releases which often early as they are marked as development releases. 

 Lastly, project development; without necessity there would be no invention. Ideas usually comes from a need; therefore, interesting problems will find you when you have the right attitude which refers to listening to developers and users by contributing. Coders reuses such development by looking around for a previous effort then start from it.   

  1. Do not hesitate to discard as more often it is the only way to move forward 
  1. A good tool can be used in an anticipated way, but a great tool can be use in ways unforeseen 
  1. Hand in to a successor when you lose interest in a program 

In 1974, Brook’s Law first released, it is the basics for the cathedral and became the gold standard of handling projects because it supports streamlined approach and worked well. Communication became difficult as it made project more complicated and caused unnecessarily problems. The total cost of maintaining a widely used program is typically 40 percent or more of the cost of developing it. Surprisingly this cost is strongly affected by the number of users. More users find more bugs (Raymond, 2001). This supports the Bazaar thesis as users finding bugs and work them thoroughly. Thus, Brooks Law is a negative but when new model appears it is considered positive.  


Raymond, E. (2001) The Cathedral and The Bazaar. Retrieved from: 

One thought on “BCM206 The Cathedral and The Bazaar

  1. Hey, what a great blog! you went into great depth to explain the Cathedral approach. You have also created great remediation however you should try turning all your information into a video or mini audio. You have many points here so the audio would end up being around 1 minute. It’s great to see you used Raymond (2001) as a reference as it adds a deeper level of knowledge behind your text.


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