BCM241: My Media Niche

Websites and Cars – Media Niche Used Cars Online Platform My media niche is majorly reading and researching about used cars on the internet and mass media. Have you ever wondered how effective a used car could get? If yes, then sit tight and fasten your belts because I am taking you around the worldContinue reading “BCM241: My Media Niche”

BCM241: Field Sites

Websites and Cars – Mind Mapping In the previous blog, I clarified the need for websites for sale of used cars and how specific entities are making a killing through social media platforms. Other prospective firms will likely follow suit and adopt the new system of car sales. In this blog, I am keen onContinue reading “BCM241: Field Sites”

BCM241: Research Planning

Problematizing Websites and Cars⦁ What are websites and cars?⦁ Who follows them, and why?⦁ Why do people research about websites and cars?⦁ Why are digital platforms being used?⦁ What are my beliefs on current trends?In the previous blog, I already discussed websites and cars and how online platforms have impacted positively on various business entities.Continue reading “BCM241: Research Planning”

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