BCM222: Newspaper Industry

In the early 19th century, printing presses, steam railroads, electric telegraph and machine-made paper were the new technology at that time, these machines were about to print evenly over large surfaces; the speed were sufficient to print thousands of sheets that was meant for newspaper. Therefore fore, more news was published in a high circulation number. These methods gave people in the 19th century a better connection, cheaper and faster “news”.  Newspaper contents were in poetry, recipes, jokes, obituaries, tweet-zed news, clustering n-grams. Most news was a weekly published, therefore when people read it, it is usually a week late. It was based on just-facts reporting where stories were just summarized as they needed to save space for other content news.  

Telegraph transition were the times when telephone was blooming. It is a mediator factor of human behaviors and social change, both telegraph and telephone were the main tool of communication from point-to-point. This phenomenon was when the culture of technology connection collides and connected people across the nation. It changed how newspaper published and presented their information and how it facilitated economic growth. The ability to communicate had effectively improved due to the use of technology.  

News agencies is an “onlooker” across the country, and world as they are the news services that are in press agency and press association. It keeps people inform of home and nation events that is happening every day. Their main duties are to gather facts and information about certain subject or news. They are required to write and distribute it to the newspaper sector, television broadcast, radio broadcast and other channels. The heart of the journalism industry are the news agencies as they are in various form. Media heavy rely on news agency to distribute and collect news about their own countries and the world; therefore, reports are required to cover anything from national election to sports.  

Impact of the Internet on the news industry, 

  1. Literature 
  1. National Daily Newspaper 
  1. News on the web 
  1. The data 

Overall, the structure affects the distribution of information as there are numerous of editors and journalist that can publish news without being filtered out such as in blogging and twitter.  


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