BCM241: My Media Niche

Websites and Cars – Media Niche


Used Cars Online Platform

My media niche is majorly reading and researching about used cars on the internet and mass media. Have you ever wondered how effective a used car could get? If yes, then sit tight and fasten your belts because I am taking you around the world on an expedition of various successful enterprises. Digital sales of used cars involve the online purchase of already used cars, refurbishing them to specific designs and marketing them through websites in a bid to attract sellers with a low budget for vehicles. Although motor vehicles have been in use since the early 20th century, the current generation has much more needs and is attracted to cars than ever before. Unlike in the yesteryears, cars have become a significant part of our lives with economic trends forcing many to adopt a more productive way of living. However, monetary challenges initially had slowed down the acquisition of cars since it was a privilege enjoyed by few well to do people in the society.

As manufacturers continued developing new machines due to demand, there was an increasing trend of people leaving their used cars for the new, improved ones even though the used cars had not attained a useful life, thus the inception of second hand or used cars. Additional challenges came with various governments demanding a specific threshold to be met by car owners, thus forcing the used car dealers to find new markets. Africa, Asia and South America emerged as an alternative but reaching the markets demanded a new sales strategy, thus the digital sales strategy started taking shape.

In the emerging markets, affordability and efficiency are key. Many websites came up with the aim of not only disposing off the used cars but also making a respectable profit. Here are some of the top picks, in terms of sales, from across the globe.

They started with physically selling used cars before launching their business online. Their website is very informative and elaborates on many aspects of vehicle purchase such as fuel consumption and year of manufacture.

Famous for cars with very long miles covered, this enterprise thrives on additional securities and offers. The website offers a year’s warranty for roadside mechanical issues and financial help from institutions, provided they also have their very own financing services.

SBT Japan
With a more user-friendly platform, the site targets emerging markets with consumers who concentrate on efficiency and costs. The availability of a wide range of cars with specifications of countries’ regulations has enhanced its use among low earners eager to drive.

From the above websites, you may notice that there is an upsurge in demand and sales due to online availability. The website owners are always keen to make room for new demands and prospective buyers through the formulation of hashtags, such as quick sales in social media platforms to increase their relevance. The entities have put platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to significant use by additionally posting new arrivals quoted with prices. As the trade gains ground, websites are being improved for consumer functionality by making them a quick access platform, focusing on clear cut photos and attractive narrations among others. The future seems bright for entities who have adopted the online sales of used cars.

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