BCM241: Academic Research and Ethical Issue

Websites and Cars – Evident
I am fascinated by the fact that used cars still find second or third owners through the use of social media platforms and the internet. In a fast-moving world, such developments arise from demand and the constant use of mass media as a tool for advertising to reach out to an even larger client base. For this reason, I will assess the relationship between mass media, emerging markets, governments and health concerns. Personally, I am fascinated by websites and cars.

When globalization started gaining ground in emerging economies, there was an increasing need for accessing the interior markets. Documentaries and features were done to showcase the underlying potential in a bid to attract more investors. Surprisingly, this approach worked with significant results. Industrialization in emerging nations was at its rise, leading to improved living standards. The further introduction of technology concerning social media platforms proved a game-changer in the market. Unlike before, when physical trading was the norm, people were able to do transactions abroad through mobile devices and other gadgets connected to the internet. Therefore, the mass media and internet has transformed business practices.

Furthermore, much interest lies in the sale of used cars online. Car dealers are being forced to create websites and embrace social media services to attract demand in a world where the internet means a lot more than you can imagine. Accessible transaction mode and quality services have enhanced purchases online with emerging countries relying on the used cars’ markets. It is effortless to ascertain this trade due to the capital gains, convenience and the lack of financial muscles to acquire new cars. But who said cars are rated according to age? In these parts of the continent, convenience and low operation costs beat all other aspects in a new car. Now that local markets rarely provide alternatives to used cars, people are forced to purchase online with significant success. It’s even surprising how governments are taking advantage of the trade to raise more capital by increasing tax on the used imported cars.

Imported cars
An upsurge of the price for used car importation by 43% in Kenya

Governments have argued that the increase in taxes on used imported cars is to limit their purchase due to health concerns, but does it work that way? I believe people can still import used vehicles that are environmentally friendly, so the question arises, will the government reduce the taxes once people begin to import used but environmentally-friendly cars? I highly doubt it. I can’t agree more with the calls for reduction of pollution to save the world. Global environmental summits have always generated heated debate on how pollution should be handled. Mass media has played a significant role in educating buyers of used cars thus attracting demand, so I believe the same platform can be used to educate them on the need to purchase used green cars to save our environment. However, the global calls should also be directed to the manufacturers and not only to the end-users. A reduction in the manufacture of energy-related cars will see a significant decrease in the purchase of used energy-consuming cars. With the websites up and running, I think they are highly likely to find a solution since abandoning the trade will mean more harm than good to them considering the number of demand and prospective buyers.

Calls for environment-friendly cars. Is it time to purchase a green car?

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