BCM241: Research Planning

Problematizing Websites and Cars
⦁ What are websites and cars?
⦁ Who follows them, and why?
⦁ Why do people research about websites and cars?
⦁ Why are digital platforms being used?
⦁ What are my beliefs on current trends?
In the previous blog, I already discussed websites and cars and how online platforms have impacted positively on various business entities. I also expounded on the significant impact and demand for used vehicles that are changing lives daily. Through mapping, we further ascertained why people are always researching websites and cars with different dimensions that determine the purchasing costs and spending. It included the various classes of people with a different mindset of why they need to acquire a car online.

Digital platforms have been used to excellent output considering the different markets and their specific needs. Without technology in place, chances are most used cars could have been written off before the expiry of their life cycle, thus causing an increase in waste pollution. I firmly believe the current purchasing trend is even going to rise further with the availability of demand due to the ever-increasing need for having a vehicle for mobility. Globalization has increased industrial developments in the emerging nations creating job opportunities for the young with an assurance of improved living standards. Additionally, many consumers are slowly moving towards more environmentally friendly cars for sustainability and conservation of the ecosystem.

I have decided to narrow my niche and investigate websites and cars in emerging economies, notably Africa. Why Africa? In the recent past, the continent has seen the highest importation of used vehicles, sparking rage among environmentalists on the need to limit exportation of already used cars. It is a move aimed at reducing pollution that is likely to emanate from gases of the old engine, thus causing environmental hazards that are likely to lead to global warming. But looking at the alternatives, price range and affordability spells doom for the continent full of aspirations.

Similar to the culture of purchase of used cars from websites in other continents, Africa has embraced the model in a bid to cut on costs of new purchases and experience flexibility. This research will help the audience realize the importance of globalization and the impact of technology in emerging economies. The audience will include:
⦁ Car owners in Africa
⦁ Aspiring car owners in the continent and myself since I have a passion for cars and the ability to access and buy used cars

Used cars at a port

My research will begin with checking websites for prospective car sales in Africa. Through observation, I can manage to ascertain the number of people who log into the websites from Africa and consider them prospective buyers. My inclusion is vital to getting an insight into the procedures and the duration it takes for shipping to ascertain the efficiency of the trade.

I am considering presenting my digital artefact in two distinctive parts which will involve audios and blogs. Additional means can also be adopted depending on the research data I obtain. I am not ruling out social media platforms such as YouTube as an alternative platform for presentation.

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