BCM206: New Work Communication

Technology is so advanced nowadays that it has made work very easy, both for employers and employees. Emails are being used the most in the work industry. The employers can easily email their employees to what to do or to pass out any urgent news, rather than gathering everyone in the office first and then giving out information. Moreover, technology is so advanced that the employees can work from home also and jut submit their work online. There’s such a good life example for this is the Covid-19 pandemic where many people including government staff were told to work from home.  

However, if there are pros then there should be cons as well. Employers who can just email their employees to tell them what to do can often lead to emails not being checked and missing out on the important stuff that was supposed to be done. In addition, employees would feel more stress as they would have tons of emails to follow that they would have to even work after their working hours. This would also increase in more stress for the employees.  

Employees have to work overtime without getting paid. Hence, this can also lead to poor satisfaction towards employer and the company. 

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