BCM206: Information Flow

Information flow is an important aspect in media and communication.  information flow controls the time and distance of the information. Nowadays, the media and communication are so fast that the information is transmitted from here to there in just seconds. In old times, there were no phones and computers, my grandparents shared with me that they would write letters to each other’s and those letters would take time to reach. It shows how slow the communication flow was in old times. However, nowadays, we have phone and computers that we can communicate with each other whenever we want and we don’t have to wait. On the other hand, we have such a fast media that the news is shared so quickly around the world. My friend always says don’t do anything wrong in public because before you reach home, you will be already very famous on the social media.  

In old days when there were computers already, people would get happy after receiving an email. But nowadays, there are so many unread emails but a letter can just change your mood despite both being a way to send a message to you. Letters are like physical emails. But technology has changed so much that we would love to read a letter instead of an email. I personally would love to read a letter instead of an email.  

Something I’ve learn from this class is the first ever commercial electric telegraph was introduced by Samuel Morse in 1837. And another thing I’ve learnt is what nodes are. Nodes is a point in a network or diagram at which lines or pathways intersect or branch. And I’ve learnt that all nodes can speak to each other.  

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