What problems do students’ face while working part-time and studying? 

Theres no doubt students face difficulties when they are working and studying at the same time. But the question here is what kind of difficulties do they face? And what kind of sacrifices do they make? 

Since I have been working full-time for over 5 years now and with that, I’ve completed my foundation course and my associate degree. I know what difficulties I have faced and what sacrifices I have made as a student to come where I am today. To work part-time and study full-time is already very difficult for some people. But to work full-time and study full-time is not everyone’s’ cup of tea. You’ll be amazed to know I worked full time and studied full time. So Im very excited to do my research on this topic to know what difficulties do students face and what sacrifices do students make while working.  

There are few assumptions I have made regarding what difficulties do students face and what sacrifices do students make: 


  • Can’t focus well in studies 
  • Physically and mentally tired 


  • Can’t spend time with family and friends 
  • Less time for yourself 

I believe there are students in our course who loves to study, but are forced to work part-time for some specific reasons like financial problems. And to amaze you with this fact that there should be students (maybe in other courses or universities) that love to work but are forced to study. Honestly speaking, I love working comparing to studying. It might be tiring at times, but I think mentally you’ll not be stressed at all. However, if I’m studying, I get a lot of stress and that hits my mental health very hard. And to me, it’s all about where you find your true happiness. But unfortunately, to live in today’s society, you need to be a degree holder to find a good job. And I assume just for a “paper’ (Degree), there are many students who you can say are forced to study. 

When I was studying and working at the same time, my grades very affected a lot. I passed all my courses but hardly I got any A in my transcript. I had to run after class to my work and I couldn’t spend time with my classmates for some chit chat. I couldn’t spend time with my family and friends because I would finish work very late or the next morning. It affected my sleep as well. Mentally and physically I was always very tired. But since my classmates knew I’m working full-time, they would help me guide with my assignments so I don’t get left behind. I have a friend called Andy from my associate degree, he helped me a lot and today we are very good friends. He was very happy to see me graduate with him.  

I’m very interested to do this research proposal because I myself have experience a lot regarding this topic. And I would love to know what difficulties and sacrifices did my classmates face. Moreover, I think this topic will not take me a lot of time because I’m planning to only keep it till my classmates. However, if needed, I can do surveys with students from other courses to gather more information. I believe as by planned, it will be achievable because we all are university students and most probably everyone has worked part-time. Therefore, it shouldn’t be hard for me to gather information. Talking about how relevant this topic is, I think as a university student, its highly relevant as we all work part-time. If I was doing this research in my secondary school then it could have been a irrelevant topic to do my research on because mostly students don’t work part-times in their high school life.  

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